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International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy

Jun 30, 2011 Volume 1, Number 2

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Collaborative Learning of UML and SysML

    Sonja Trapp, Fraunhofer Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering; Ervin Ramollari, South East European Research Centre; Matthias Heintz & Sebastian Weber, Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering; Dimitris Dranidis, South East European Research Centre; Jürgen Börstler, Blekinge Institute of Technology

    In the EU-funded project Embed4Auto, we have developed an Integrated Learning Environment (ILE) to support UML/SysML training. The ILE combines independent distance learning with collaborative... More

    pp. 6-12

  2. Integrating Project Management, Product Design with Industry Sponsored Projects provides Stimulating Senior Capstone Experiences

    Phillip Sanger, Western Carolina University

    Abstract ¾ Many students are uncomfortable with real world engineering problems where needs and requirements must be concretely defined and the selection of design solutions is not black and... More

    pp. 13-18

  3. Design of a System for Monitoring Reliability of Structures and Constructions in Civil Engineering

    Tomislav Igi?, University of NiÅ¡, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture; Natasa Veljkovi?, University of Niš Faculty of Electronic Engineering

    Monitoring of civil engineering structures and constructions requires techniques which can produce high precision and accuracy, reliable measurements and fast processing speed. The development of... More

    pp. 19-23

  4. Engineering Ethics: A Critical Dimension of The Profession

    Nael Barakat, Associate Professor and ME Program Chair

    Engineering has always had a massive impact on human health and welfare.  Unfortunately, the public only realizes the magnitude of this impact when very few engineering disasters occur, like... More

    pp. 24-28

  5. ILAN â?? Innovative Language Training Course: English for Students, Lecturers and Administrators of Technical Universities

    Ivana Simonova, University of Hradec Kralove

    Review in the texbook of English More

    pp. 29-30

  6. 14th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning - ICL2011

    Call for Participation

    p. 31