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Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration

2001 Volume 4, Number 4

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  1. Organizational Alignment Supporting Distance Education in Post-Secondary Institutions

    Gustavo E. Prestera & Leslie A. Moller

    Applies an established model of organizational alignment to distance education in postsecondary institutions and recommends performance-oriented approaches to support growth by analyzing goals,... More

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  2. Distance Education: Better, Worse, or As Good As Traditional Education?

    Sheila Tucker

    This study examined pretest and posttest scores, homework grades, research paper grades, final exam scores, final course grades, learning styles, and ages of distance education and traditional... More

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  3. Quality Assurance of Web-Based Learning in Distance Education Institutions

    Davey Yeung

    Discussion of quality in higher education focuses on quality assurance of Web-based learning in distance education, based on experiences at the Open University of Hong Kong. Highlights include... More

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  4. Faculty Pedagogical Approach, Skill, and Motivation in Today's Distance Education Milieu

    Norman Crumpacker

    This literature reviews explores the pedagogical approach, skills, and motivation factors that influence or are influenced by distance education instructors. Discusses Asynchronous Learning... More

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