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2010 Volume 2010, Number 1

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Using MultiMedia Content to Present Business Ethics: An Empirical Study

    Peter A. Stanwick

    The purpose of this study is to empirically examine whether presenting a multimedia case study enhances the learning experience of students in an undergraduate management class. A questionnaire was... More

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  2. A Multi-Experimental Study on the Use of Multimedia Instructional Materials to Teach Technical Subjects

    Victor Mbarika, Emily Bagarukayo, Vineeta Hingorani, Sandra Stokes, Mathieu Kourouma & Chetan Sankar

    A review of "social experiments" with adoption of multimedia-based technologies in Europe has been reported. But, there has been limited discussion on the value of multimedia instructional... More

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  3. Utilizing Multimedia Case Studies to Teach the Professional Side of Project Management

    Cassandra C. Elrod, Susan L. Murray, Barry B. Flachsbart, Karl E. Burgher & Drew M. Foth

    This research was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of using a LITEE multimedia case study to teaching concepts in engineering courses. The LITEE Superstar case study was implemented in an... More

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