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Journal of STEM Education

Oct 03, 2017 Volume 18, Number 3

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  1. Implementing Projects in Calculus on a Large Scale at the University of South Florida

    Gordon Fox, Scott Campbell, Arcadii Grinshpan, Xiaoying Xu, John Holcomb, Catherine Bnteau, Jennifer Lewis & Kandethody Ramachandran

    This paper describes the development of a program of project-based learning in Calculus courses at a large urban research university. In this program, students developed research projects in... More

  2. Operation STEM: increasing success and improving retention among first-generation and underrepresented minority students in STEM

    Susan Carver, Jenna Van Sickle, John Holcomb, Candice Quinn, Debbie Jackson, Andrew Resnick, Stephen Duffy, Nigamanth Sridhar & Antoinette Marquard

    In 2012, Cleveland State University implemented a comprehensive program, called Operation STEM (OpSTEM), funded by two National Science Foundation grants, federal work study, and Cleveland State... More

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  3. High School Students' Experience with Near-peer Mentorship and Laboratory-based Learning: In their own words

    Laura Tenenbaum, Margery Anderson, Swati Ramadorai & Debra Yourick

    Designed to bring experiential learning and mentoring to middle and high school students from diverse populations in the MNOP area, the ABC program has provided thousands of community students a... More

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  4. An Effective Industry-Based Mentoring Approach for the Recruitment of Women and Minorities in Engineering

    Abby Ilumoka, Ivana Milanovic & Natalie Grant

    This work is an investigative study on the powerful impact of mentoring partnerships between pre-college students and young engineering professionals in Hartford, CT. It was found that these... More

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  5. STEM Majors, Art Thinkers – Issues of Duality, Rigor and Inclusion

    Fay Payton, Ashley White & Tara Mullins

    There is a growing interest in STEAM (STEM + Arts) education nationwide. To uncover why these interdisciplinary initiatives can play a significant role in the student educational experience, it is ... More

  6. A Review of Retention Models for STEM Majors and Their Alignment to Community Colleges

    Jennifer Snyder & Elizabeth Cudney

    During the last decade, there have been numerous reports detailing the importance of increasing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) majors in the United States. Simultaneously, an... More