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Journal of STEM Education

Sep 15, 2015 Volume 16, Number 3

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  1. Contribution Form

    P Raju

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  2. A Qualitative Evaluation of the Use of Multimedia Case Studies in an Introductory Engineering Course at Two Southeastern Universities

    Barbara Kawulich & Kim Huett, University of West Georgia

    The purpose of this qualitative evaluation was to determine students' perceptions of the value and effectiveness of the use of multimedia case studies in introductory engineering courses at two... More

  3. JSTEM Back Cover

    P Raju

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  4. The Effect of an Augmented Reality Enhanced Mathematics Lesson on Student Achievement and Motivation

    Anne Estapa & Larysa Nadolny, Iowa State University

    The purpose of the study was to assess student achievement and motivation during a high school augmented reality mathematics activity focused on dimensional analysis. Included in this article is a ... More

  5. Life’s Lessons in the Lab: A Summer of Learning from Undergraduate Research Experiences

    Louis Nadelson; Don Warner & Eric Brown, Dept of Chemistry Boise State University

    Research experiences for undergraduates (REUs) seek to increase the participating students’ knowledge and perceptions of scientific research through engagement in laboratory research and related... More

  6. Leadership: industry needs for entry-level engineering positions

    Beth Hartmann & Charles Jahren, Iowa State University

    This paper presents the results of a study that sought to identify what companies mean by the word “leadership” when used a job descriptions for entry-level, full-time engineering positions. Seven ... More

  7. University Festival Promotes STEM Education

    Andrew Quagliata

    STEM education is argued as an essential ingredient in preparing our children for careers of the future. This paper describes a university festival that includes the promotion of STEM-related... More

  8. JSTEM Front Cover

    P Raju

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  9. Instructions for Authors

    P Raju

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  10. STEM Students on the Stage (SOS): Promoting Student Voice and Choice in STEM Education through an Interdisciplinary, Standards-focused Project Based Learning Approach

    Alpaslan Sahin

    STEM education has become strategically important to increase college readiness of high school graduates in mathematics and science, cultivate STEM interest in students, boost STEM majoring... More