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Journal of Special Education Technology

2001 Volume 16, Number 4

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Number of articles: 9

  1. The Future's Future: Implications of Emerging Technology for Special Education Program Planning

    Fred T. Hofstetter

    This article reviews emerging technologies, imagines how they can be used to help learners with special needs, and recommends new special education program initiatives to help these students make a... More

    pp. 7-13

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  2. A Possible Future of Special Education Technology

    Ted S. Hasselbring

    This article discusses three trends and technologies that will have a significant impact on the lives of students with high-incidence disabilities: the development of computing devices, the... More

    pp. 15-21

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  3. Balanced Instructional Support and Challenge in Universally Designed Learning Environments

    Chuck Hitchcock

    This article suggests a future where accessibility and the universal design of the education environment is no longer an issue and the focus is on universal design for learning. The supports... More

    pp. 23-30

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  4. Future Technologies for Special Learners

    Robert Tinker

    This article looks at ways technologies are likely to change education as a whole and then discusses what implications this has for students with disabilities. Five applications to watch are... More

    pp. 31-37

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  5. Enhancing Learning Environments through Solution-based Knowledge Discovery Tools: Forecasting for Self-Perpetuating Systemic Reform

    Linda Tsantis & John Castellani

    This article explores how knowledge-discovery applications can empower educators with the information they need to provide anticipatory guidance for teaching and learning, forecast school and... More

    pp. 39-52

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  6. The Field of Assistive Technology: Part 1 in the Series

    Tamarah M. Ashton

    This article presents an interview with Kirk Behnke, the Coordinator of Training Grants and Contracts for the Center on Disabilities at California State University, Northridge. He discusses his... More

    pp. 53-54

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  7. Teacher Education

    Sean Smith

    This article discusses the U.S. Department of Education's Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers To Use Technology (PT3) program, an initiative that seeks to enhance the integration of technology across... More

    pp. 55-56

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  8. A Review of Technology, Curriculum, and Professional Development: Adapting Schools To Meet the Needs of Students with Disabilities by John Woodward and Larry Cuban

    Teresa Nelson-Graham

    This article discusses "Adapting Schools To Meet the Needs of Students with Disabilities" (John Woodward and Larry Cuban), a publication on the implementation of technology to meet the needs of... More

    pp. 57-60

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  9. Universal Design for Learning

    David Rose

    This article presents testimony before the Senate Appropriation Committee on the future of educational technology. Assistive technologies for students with disabilities are explained, and the need ... More

    pp. 64-67

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