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Journal of Information Technology Education: Research

Jan 17, 2021 Volume 20, Number 1


Lynn Jeffrey; Christopher Cheong

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Printable Table of Contents. JITE: Research, Volume 20, 2021

    Christopher Cheong

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  2. Effectiveness of Using Thinking Maps Through the Edmodo Network to Develop Achievement and Mathematical Connections Skills Among Middle School Students

    Mansour Alabdulaziz & Ali Alhammadi

    Aim/Purpose: This research aimed to measure the effectiveness of using thinking maps through the Edmodo network to develop achievement and mathematical connections skills among middle school... More

    pp. 1-34

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  3. Lifelong Learning: Principles for Designing University Education

    Stefan Cronholm

    Aim/Purpose: Due to the rapid development of digital technology, create knowledge to support the development of education for lifelong learning. Background: There is a lack of normative and... More

    pp. 35-60

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  4. Applying Social Media to Scaffold University Students’ Inquiry Group Project Work – Theoretical and Practical Implications

    Wan Lai, Chao Yang & Samuel Chu

    Aim/Purpose: This study serves a constructive purpose on the effective use of social media as a technical tool in formal learning at higher education. It outlines practical suggestions for... More

    pp. 61-85

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  5. Technologies for Learning Writing in L1 and L2 for the 21st Century: Effects on Writing Metacognition, Self-Efficacy and Argumentative Structuring

    Eric Fernández-Lancho, Rosario González & Javier de la Hoz-Ruiz

    Aim/Purpose: Quality in higher education assumes the challenge of developing in all citizens of the 21st century the cognitive, motivational, and socio-cultural dimensions that provide them with... More

    pp. 87-116

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