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Journal of Computer Assisted Learning

February 2006 Volume 22, Number 1


A. Kirschner Paul

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Understanding the Roles of Online Meetings in a Net-Based Course

    O Berge & A Fjuk

    It is argued elsewhere that online learning environments constitute new conditions for carrying out collaborative learning activities. This article explores the roles of a series of online meetings... More

    pp. 13-23

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  2. How Can Self-Regulated Learning Be Supported in Mathematical E-Learning Environments?

    B Kramarski & M Gutman

    This study compares two E-learning environments: E-learning supported with IMPROVE self-metacognitive questioning (EL+IMP), and E-learning without explicit support of self-regulation (EL). The... More

    pp. 24-33

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  3. GESTALT: A Framework for Redesign of Educational Software

    M Puustinen, M Baker & K Lund

    Design of educational multimedia rarely starts from scratch, but rather by attempting to reuse existing software. Although redesign has been an issue in research on evaluation and on learning... More

    pp. 34-46

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  4. Developing an Effective Support System for Inquiry Learning in a Web-Based Environment

    M Pedaste & T Sarapuu

    Sixty-five teams of basic and secondary school students solved problem-solving tasks during a virtual hike in a Web-based inquiry-learning simulation Hiking Across Estonia. This environment... More

    pp. 47-62

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  5. Scaffolding Learners in Designing Investigation Assignments for a Computer Simulation

    C Vreman-de Olde & T de Jong

    This study examined the effect of scaffolding students who learned by designing assignments for a computer simulation on the physics topic of alternating circuits. We compared the students'... More

    pp. 63-73

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