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Journal of Computer Assisted Learning

February 2005 Volume 21, Number 1


A. Kirschner Paul

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Inclusiveness and ICT in Education: A Focus on Gender, Ethnicity and Social Class

    Irma Heemskerk, Anouk Brink, Monique Volman & Geert ten Dam

    This paper presents the results of a literature review on gender, ethnic and socioeconomic status differences related to ICT in primary and secondary education. The review was conducted in order to... More

    pp. 1-16

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  2. Long-Term Effects of Computer Training of Phonological Awareness in Kindergarten

    Eliane Segers & Ludo Verhoeven

    The present study examined the long-term effects of a computer intervention for the development of phonological awareness in Dutch kindergartners. Native Dutch and immigrant children worked with... More

    pp. 17-27

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  3. An Exploration of Students' Strategy Use in Inquiry-Based Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

    Hanna Salovaara

    The aim of this study is to investigate students' use of cognitive learning strategies in inquiry-based computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL). A process-oriented interview framework on... More

    pp. 39-52

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  4. Hypermedia Learning and Prior Knowledge: Domain Expertise vs. System Expertise

    Timothy J. F. Mitchell, Sherry Y. Chen & Robert D. Macredie

    Prior knowledge is often argued to be an important determinant in hypermedia learning, and may be thought of as including two important elements: domain expertise and system expertise. However,... More

    pp. 53-64

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  5. Learning Effectiveness in a Web-Based Virtual Learning Environment: A Learner Control Perspective

    Shih-Wei Chou & Chien-Hung Liu

    Web-based technology has a dramatic impact on learning and teaching. A framework that delineates the relationships between learner control and learning effectiveness is absent. This study aims to... More

    pp. 65-76

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