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TechTrends: Linking Research and Practice to Improve Learning

May 2007 Volume 51, Number 3

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Navigating the Maze of Music Rights

    Leonard D. DuBoff

    Music copyright is one of the most complex areas of intellectual property law. To begin with, there is a copyright in notated music and a copyright in accompanying lyrics. When the piece is... More

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  2. An Interview with Dr. Deborah W. Proctor

    Joe Landsberger

    In an interview, Dr. Deborah W. Proctor, eCurriculum Director for Academic Innovations/ Minnesota Online and Co-Chair for the MERLOT International Conference, outlines her academic path that led to... More

    pp. 5-9

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  3. Establishing Professional Development Partnerships Online: Reaching Out to Veteran Teachers

    Terry S. Atkinson & Katherine A. O'Connor

    This article describes a study on the module-based online professional development project. The professional development model providing a basis for the Reading CEU (continuing education unit)... More

    pp. 21-29

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  4. Writing Your Own History: A Case Study Using Digital Primary Source Documents

    Carol A. Brown & Kaye Dotson

    One of the most common roadblocks to encouraging the use of Internet sources when working with elementary and secondary school students is their indiscriminant copying and pasting of information to... More

    pp. 30-37

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  5. It's Time to Consider Open Source Software

    Jay Pfaffman

    In 1985 Richard Stallman, a computer programmer, released "The GNU Manifesto" in which he proclaimed a golden rule: One must share computer programs. Software vendors required him to agree to... More

    pp. 38-43

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  6. A Review of Research on Factors that Impact Aspects of Online Discussions Quality

    Alexandru Spatariu, Linda F. Quinn & Kendall Hartley

    In support of online discussions research, this review classifies and describes instructional interventions and learner characteristics that affect the quality of discussions. The review will help ... More

    pp. 44-48

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