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TechTrends: Linking Research and Practice to Improve Learning

2005 Volume 49, Number 5

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  1. Evolution in the Classroom: What Teachers Need to Know about the Video Game Generation

    Elizabeth S. Simpson

    Research driving the mandates of the current education reform law, No Child Left Behind, indicates a 300% increase during the last 10 years in students being labeled with specific learning... More

    pp. 17-22

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  2. Women, Video Gaming and Learning: Beyond Stereotypes

    Elisabeth Hayes

    While video gaming has grown immensely as an industry over the last decade, with growing numbers of gamers around the globe, including women, gaming continues to be a very gendered practice. The... More

    pp. 23-28

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  3. Increasing Student Engagement by Using Morrowind to Analyze Choices and Consequences

    Maya Kadakia

    During the 2004-2005 school year, Maya Kadakia conducted a pilot study of her master's project which focuses on how student engagement is affected by a curriculum that incorporates popular culture.... More

    pp. 29-32

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  4. From Users to Designers: Building a Self-Organizing Game-Based Learning Environment

    Kurt Squire, Levi Giovanetto, Ben Devane & Shree Durga

    The simultaneous publication of Steven Johnson's Everything Bad is Good for You and appearance of media reports of X-rated content in the popular game Grand Theft Auto has renewed controversies... More

    pp. 34-43

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  5. Children's Narrative Development through Computer Game Authoring

    Judy Robertson & Judith Good

    Playing computer games is an extremely popular leisure activity for children. In fact, the computer games market in the UK is now double that of the video rental market, and substantially larger... More

    pp. 43-59

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