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TechTrends: Linking Research and Practice to Improve Learning

2003 Volume 47, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 10

  1. Technology for a Purpose: Technology for Information Problem-Solving with the Big6[R]

    Mike B Eisenberg

    Explains the Big6 model of information problem solving as a conceptual framework for learning and teaching information and technology skills. Highlights include information skills; examples of... More

    pp. 13-17

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  2. Tracking the Integration of Library Skills in the Curriculum

    Suzanne L. Gill

    Describes the use of IMSeries software, a relational database capable of implementing curriculum design, in an elementary school. Topics include Big6 research skills; tracking the scope and... More

    pp. 23-24

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  3. Thinking Big in Iowa: Collaboration and Technology in School Library Media Centers

    Susan Schrader

    Discusses money shortages in Iowa that are affecting school library media specialists and highlights two collaborative efforts: cooperative purchasing of online reference databases, and the Com Cat... More

    pp. 25-26

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  4. Making the Standards a "Hit" with Teachers

    Elainea Scott

    Discusses how the Tulare (California) County Office of Education, Educational Resource Services department made the California Academic Content Standards more accessible to teachers by cataloging... More

    pp. 27-28

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  5. Media Specialists--Targeted for TechTrends!

    Judy Hauser

    Describes services of the New Media Information Center to media specialists in Oakland Schools, the intermediate school district (ISD) for Oakland County (Michigan). Highlights include database... More

    pp. 29-32

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  6. Anatomy of a Grant Proposal

    Pam Nutt

    Explains how school librarians can write a grant proposal to obtain new equipment that is not covered in their normal budget. Topics include designing a grant for a specific need; finding a grant... More

    pp. 33-35

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  7. School Libraries Online: A Professional Web Site for School Library Personnel

    Laurel A. Clyde

    Describes the School Libraries Online Web site, created as the Web site of the International Association of School Librarianship to help improve library and information services in schools by... More

    pp. 36-40

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  8. Teaching the Business of Instructional Technology: A Collaborative Corporate/Academic Partnership

    Karl M. Kapp & Timothy L. Phillips

    Describes a program developed at Bloomsburg University (Pennsylvania) to prepare graduate students to be technologically savvy and to teach them the business aspects of instructional technology and... More

    pp. 46-51

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  9. Using Asynchronous Discussion To Support Preservice Teachers' Practicum Experiences

    Aaron Doering, Marc Johnson & Sara Dexter

    Discusses the need for preservice teachers to interact with students and describes the use of Web-based asynchronous discussion to increase the quality and quantity of English education initial... More

    pp. 52-55

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  10. AECT and ISD...Can We Expand the Relationship?

    Jerold E. Kemp

    Suggests that AECT (Association for Educational Communications and Technology) should include ISD (instructional systems design) more clearly in its mission. Highlights include the transition from ... More

    pp. 56-59

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