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Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks

June 2012 Volume 16, Number 3

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Number of articles: 6

  1. The Evolution of Big Data and Learning Analytics in American Higher Education

    Anthony G. Picciano

    Data-driven decision making, popularized in the 1980s and 1990s, is evolving into a vastly more sophisticated concept known as big data that relies on software approaches generally referred to as... More

    pp. 9-20

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  2. Analytics that Inform the University: Using Data You Already Have

    Charles Dziuban, Patsy Moskal, Thomas Cavanagh & Andre Watts

    The authors describe the University of Central Florida's top-down/bottom-up action analytics approach to using data to inform decision-making at the University of Central Florida. The top-down... More

    pp. 21-38

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  3. Learning Analytics: A Case Study of the Process of Design of Visualizations

    Martin Olmos & Linda Corrin

    The ability to visualize student engagement and experience data provides valuable opportunities for learning support and curriculum design. With the rise of the use of learning analytics to provide... More

    pp. 39-49

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  4. Predictive Modeling to Forecast Student Outcomes and Drive Effective Interventions in Online Community College Courses

    Vernon C. Smith, Adam Lange & Daniel R. Huston

    Community colleges continue to experience growth in online courses. This growth reflects the need to increase the numbers of students who complete certificates or degrees. Retaining online students... More

    pp. 51-61

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  5. The PAR Framework Proof of Concept: Initial Findings from a Multi-Institutional Analysis of Federated Postsecondary Data

    Phil Ice, Sebastian Diaz, Karen Swan, Melissa Burgess, Mike Sharkey, Jonathan Sherrill, Dan Huston & Hae Okimoto

    Despite high enrollment numbers, postsecondary completion rates have generally remained unchanged for the past 30 years and half of these students do not attain a degree within six years of initial... More

    pp. 63-86

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  6. Learning Analytics Considered Harmful

    Laurie P. Dringus

    This essay is written to present a prospective stance on how learning analytics, as a core evaluative approach, must help instructors uncover the important trends and evidence of quality learner... More

    pp. 87-100

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