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Educational Research Review

January 2014 Volume 11, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Effectiveness of learning strategy instruction on academic performance: A meta-analysis

    A.S. Donker, H. de Boer & D. Kostons, Groninger Institute for Educational Research; C.C. Dignath van Ewijk, Department of Psychology, Germany; M.P.C. van der Werf, Groninger Institute for Educational Research

    In this meta-analysis the results of studies on learning strategy instruction focused on improving self-regulated learning were brought together to determine which specific strategies were the most... More

    pp. 1-26

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  2. Towards a unified theory of task-specific motivation

    Cornelis J. de Brabander & Rob L. Martens, LOOK

    This study aims to integrate the current proliferation of motivation theories in a Unified Model of Task-specific Motivation (UMTM). According to this model readiness for action results from an... More

    pp. 27-44

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  3. Supporting reflection in technology-enhanced learning

    Külli Kori, Margus Pedaste, Äli Leijen & Mario Mäeots

    Reflection has been regarded as a process that leads to deeper learning and a more complex and integrated knowledge structure. Various studies argue that reflection is more effective when given... More

    pp. 45-55

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  4. Research on e-learning in the workplace 2000–2012: A bibliometric analysis of the literature

    Bo Cheng & Minhong Wang, Faculty of Education, Hong Kong; Anders I. Mørch, Department of Education, Norway; Nian-Shing Chen, Department of Information Management, Taiwan; Kinshuk, Faculty of Science and Technology, Canada; J. Michael Spector, College of Information, United States

    Research on e-learning in the workplace has proliferated over the past decade. Various topics on e-learning in workplace settings have emerged, showing the complex, dynamic and multi-disciplinary... More

    pp. 56-72

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