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Learning, Media and Technology

2018 Volume 43, Number 3

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Learning in the Wild: Coding for Learning and Practice on Reddit

    Caroline Haythornthwaite, Priya Kumar, Anatoliy Gruzd, Sarah Gilbert, Marc Esteve del Valle & Drew Paulin

    Learning on and through social media is becoming a cornerstone of lifelong learning, creating places not only for accessing information, but also for finding other self-motivated learners. Such is ... More

    pp. 219-235

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  2. "Minecraft" and Children's Digital Making: Implications for Media Literacy Education

    Michael Dezuanni

    This article aims to contribute new knowledge about the media literacies children assemble as they play the digital game "Minecraft" which it describes as a children's digital making... More

    pp. 236-249

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  3. Learning through Making in Public Libraries: Theories, Practices, and Tensions

    Rebekah Willett

    This article investigates learning and teaching in library makerspace programs. Given the recent trend for libraries and makerspaces to define themselves in terms of learning, the findings of this ... More

    pp. 250-262

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  4. The Uses of (Digital) Literacy

    Julian McDougall, Mark Readman & Philip Wilkinson

    This article shares research facilitated by a multinational technology provider, converging mobile networked technology (tablets) used across school and home, a technology enhanced community 'third... More

    pp. 263-279

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  5. Are Educational Preschool Apps Designed to Teach? An Analysis of the App Market

    Melissa N. Callaghan & Stephanie M. Reich

    Over half of educational apps on mobile-app markets are for preschoolers, but little research has examined whether the designs of preschool apps are truly educational. Preschoolers process... More

    pp. 280-293

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  6. Video Production in Content-Area Pedagogy: A Scoping Study of the Research Literature

    Chareen Snelson

    Video production offers a way for students to learn content-area knowledge while simultaneously developing technology skills deemed important in contemporary society. Yet, the research has not been... More

    pp. 294-306

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  7. Mining Social Media Divides: An Analysis of K-12 U.S. School Uses of Twitter

    Royce Kimmons, Jeffrey P. Carpenter, George Veletsianos & Daniel G. Krutka

    This study utilizes public data mining to explore participation divides of all available K-12 institutional Twitter accounts in the U.S. (n = 8275 accounts, n = 9,216,853 tweets). Results indicated... More

    pp. 307-325

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  8. Platform Learning and On-Demand Labor: Sociotechnical Projections on the Future of Education and Work

    Alexander J. Means

    Platform learning harnesses the operating capabilities and logics of digital platforms such as Uber and Amazon to imagine synergies between on-demand labor and on-demand learning, transforming... More

    pp. 326-338

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