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PROFILE: Issues in Teachers' Professional Development

October 2012 Volume 14, Number 2

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Using Web-Based Activities to Promote Reading: An Exploratory Study with Teenagers (Uso de actividades en la red para promover la lectura: un estudio exploratorio con adolescentes)

    Marlén Rátiva Velandia, Andrés Leonardo Pedreros Torres & Mónica Núñez Alí

    It is considered valuable to take advantage of web activities to improve and qualify the English teaching and learning processes, especially in the promotion of reading comprehension. In this... More

    pp. 11-27

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  2. Understanding Beliefs, Teachers' Beliefs and Their Impact on the Use of Computer Technology (Hacia la compresión de las creencias, convicciones del educador y su impacto en el uso de la tecnología)

    Héctor Alejandro Galvis

    This theoretical review addresses the construct of beliefs in education and English as a foreign language, and their impact when integrating technology. A thorough definition and categorization of ... More

    pp. 95-112

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  3. EFL Students' Perceptions about a Web-Based English Reading Comprehension Course (Percepciones de estudiantes de inglés como lengua extranjera acerca de un curso de comprensión lectora apoyado en la red)

    Érica Gómez Flórez, Jorge Eduardo Pineda & Natalia Marín García

    Web-based distance education is an innovative modality of instruction in Colombia. It is characterized by the separation of the teacher and learners, the use of technological tools and the students... More

    pp. 113-129

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  4. Teaching Foreign Trade in English through the Modalities Based on Competences and Using Moodle (Enseñanza del régimen de comercio exterior a través de las modalidades centradas en el desarrollo de competencias y con el uso de Moodle)

    Ana María Correa Díaz

    With the new approach to guide the learning process of students with a model based on the development of competences, and in comparison with the traditional lecture-based learning, it is necessary ... More

    pp. 163-180

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  5. EFL Teenagers' Social Identity Representation in a Virtual Learning Community on Facebook (Representación de la identidad social de los estudiantes adolescentes de inglés como lengua extranjera en una comunidad de aprendizaje virtual en Facebook)

    Laura Verónica Jiménez Guamán

    In this article I report the findings of a descriptive and interpretative qualitative study carried out in a public school in Bogotá, Colombia. The study aimed at analyzing, describing and... More

    pp. 181-194

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  6. New Educational Environments Aimed at Developing Intercultural Understanding while Reinforcing the Use of English in Experience-Based Learning (Nuevos entornos educativos destinados a desarrollar la comprensión intercultural y a reforzar el uso del inglés mediante el aprendizaje basado en...

    Leonard R. Bruguier & Louise M. Greathouse Amador

    New learning environments with communication and information tools are increasingly accessible with technology playing a crucial role in expanding and reconceptualizing student learning experiences... More

    pp. 195-211

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