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2005 Volume 40, Number 6

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Tomorrowland: When New Technologies Get Newer

    Bonnie Neas

    Each year, the members of the EDUCAUSE Evolving Technologies Committee identify and research the evolving technologies that are having the most direct impact on higher education institutions. The... More

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  2. Libraries: Standing at the Wrong Platform, Waiting for the Wrong Train?

    Paul B. Gandel

    Libraries have taken some major hits lately, again raising questions about how or whether libraries will survive a constantly shifting information landscape. The intrusion of the Web threatens to... More

    pp. 10-11

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  3. The Myth about Going It Alone: "We Can Handle Our Own IT Needs Internally"

    Brian L. Hawkins & Diana G. Oblinger

    Higher education has a long history of self-reliance; institutions provide all the services they need internally, even if they are located in close proximity to other institutions. According to... More

    pp. 12-13

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  4. There's Something in the Air: Podcasting in Education

    Gardner Campbell

    Podcasting, by definition, combines "iPod" with "broadcasting," and has the advantages of ease of publication, ease of subscription, and ease of use across multiple environments. This article... More

    pp. 33-34

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  5. Instant Messaging: IM Online! RU?

    Robert Farmer

    This article discusses the technology of instant messaging (IM), a relatively simple form of communication. It is also--by its very nature--a collaborative communications tool. This collaborative... More

    pp. 49-50

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  6. E-Research: An Imperative for Strengthening Institutional Partnerships

    Linda O'Brien

    Whether it is "e-research" in Australia, "cyberinfrastructure" in the United States, the "grid" in Europe, or "e-science" in the United Kingdom, a transformation is clearly occurring in research... More

    pp. 65-66

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  7. Improving Institutional Performance through IT-Enabled Innovation

    William H. Graves

    In its report "Innovate America," the National Innovation Initiative (NII) calls for an "innovation infrastructure" as the foundation for the nation's future productivity and competitiveness. The... More

    pp. 78-80

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