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Innovations in Education and Teaching International

2018 Volume 55, Number 5

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Number of articles: 3

  1. 'I Wouldn't Be Able to Graduate if It Wasn't for My Mobile Phone.' the Affordances of Mobile Devices in the Construction of Complex Academic Texts

    Owen Barden & Mark Bygroves

    This is a case study of one student's mobile device use in HE. We draw on data generated by extended interviews to illustrate the learning practices and dispositions the student, now a co-author,... More

    pp. 521-531

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  2. TRACK Effect: Unraveling the Enhancement of College Students' Autonomous Learning by Using a Flipped Classroom Approach

    Li Xiao, Randy Larkins & Lijun Meng

    College students' autonomous learning (AL) is becoming more important in the information era. The flipped classroom model is gaining great attention, for it is viewed as one of the most effective... More

    pp. 554-565

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  3. Students' Beliefs about Teaching and Learning and Their Perceptions of Student-Centred Learning Environments

    Sang Joon Lee & Robert Maribe Branch

    Student-centred learning requires students to be an active participant in knowledge construction. Due to the unique self-directed aspects that characterise student-centred instruction, students may... More

    pp. 602-610

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