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Innovations in Education and Teaching International

May 2008 Volume 45, Number 2

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Engineering Education in India--The Role of ICT

    Bani Bhattacharya

    Engineering education in India has witnessed a major change over the past few years. Substantial increase in the demand for high-quality education has led to the adoption of Information and... More

    pp. 93-101

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  2. Assessing the Accessibility of Online Learning

    Joanne L. Badge, Emma Dawson, Alan J. Cann & Jon Scott

    A wide range of tools is now available to enable teaching practitioners to create web-based educational materials from PowerPoint presentations, adding a variety of different digital media, such as... More

    pp. 103-113

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  3. Analysing Users' Satisfaction with E-Learning Using a Negative Critical Incidents Approach

    Nian-Shing Chen, Kan-Min Lin & Kinshuk

    One critical success factor for e-learning is learners' satisfaction with it. This is affected by both positive and negative experiences in a learning process. This paper examines the impact of... More

    pp. 115-126

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  4. Learning from Experience: An Evaluation of an External Nursing Course in Regional Australia

    Kim Foster, Kim Usher, Lauretta Luck, Nikki Harvey & David Lindsay

    The delivery of pre-registration Bachelor of Nursing courses in Australia has primarily been through the traditional on-campus mode. The development and implementation of an external course mode... More

    pp. 155-167

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  5. Reducing Cultural Barriers via Internet Courses

    Minjie Xing & Ken Spencer

    A Web-based learning environment has been developed to support students from China who are studying in the UK and are confronted by many cultural barriers, which may impede their academic studies. ... More

    pp. 169-181

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  6. Compulsory Participation in Online Discussions: Is This Constructivism or Normalisation of Learning?

    Shalni Gulati

    A constructivist approach in teaching and learning requires one to change various habitual ways for thinking (von Glasersfeld 1995). There is a need for different ways of thinking and doing things,... More

    pp. 183-192

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  7. Pioneering the Web Enhanced Learning between Taiwan and China (WELTaC) Initiative in Higher Education: Potential and Issues

    Shelley S.-C. Young & H H. Ku

    This study pioneered an innovative project regarding the use of ICT for creating learning resources and opportunities for faculty members and adult learners on both sides of the Taiwan Straits-... More

    pp. 193-203

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