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Education and Information Technologies

2015 Volume 20, Number 4

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Number of articles: 8

  1. A Model Driven Framework to Address Challenges in a Mobile Learning Environment

    Ferial Khaddage, Rhonda Christensen, Wing Lai, Gerald Knezek, Cathie Norris & Elliot Soloway

    In this paper a review of the pedagogical, technological, policy and research challenges and concepts underlying mobile learning is presented, followed by a brief description of categories of... More

    pp. 625-640

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  2. Preparing Teachers for Schooling in the Digital Age: A Meta-Perspective on Existing Strategies and Future Challenges

    Ola Erstad, Birgit Eickelmann & Koos Eichhorn

    Recent developments in educational innovation and new technologies have made tensions between old and new models of schooling more apparent, creating new demands upon teachers as agents of change. ... More

    pp. 641-654

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  3. Teachers' Professional Development for ICT Integration: Towards a Reciprocal Relationship between Research and Practice

    Peter R. Albion, Jo Tondeur, Alona Forkosh-Baruch & Jef Peeraer

    Teachers in the 21st century are facing new challenges as a result of the expanding possibilities of ICT integration in every aspect of the school milieu. Studies have shown the potential of... More

    pp. 655-673

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  4. Technology Enhanced Assessment in Complex Collaborative Settings

    Mary Webb & David Gibson

    Building upon discussions by the Assessment Working Group at EDUsummIT 2013, this article reviews recent developments in technology enabled assessments of collaborative problem solving in order to ... More

    pp. 675-695

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  5. Data Science in Educational Assessment

    David C. Gibson & Mary E. Webb

    This article is the second of two articles in this special issue that were developed following discussions of the Assessment Working Group at EDUsummIT 2013. The article extends the analysis of... More

    pp. 697-713

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  6. Computational Thinking in Compulsory Education: Towards an Agenda for Research and Practice

    Joke Voogt, Petra Fisser, Jon Good, Punya Mishra & Aman Yadav

    Computational Thinking is considered a universal competence, which should be added to every child's analytical ability as a vital ingredient of their school learning. In this article we further... More

    pp. 715-728

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  7. Digital Citizenship within Global Contexts

    Michael Searson, Marsali Hancock, Nusrat Soheil & Gregory Shepherd

    EduSummIT 2013 featured a working group that examined digital citizenship within a global context. Group members recognized that, given today's international, regional, political, and social... More

    pp. 729-741

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  8. Digital Equity and Intercultural Education

    Paul Resta & Thérèse Laferrière

    Digital equity and intercultural education continue to be areas of concern in the emerging knowledge-based society. The digital divide is present across the globe as the result of a complex of... More

    pp. 743-756

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