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International Journal of Environmental and Science Education

2016 Volume 11, Number 9

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. The Technology of Forming of Innovative Content for Engineering Education

    Lilija A. Kayumova, Lubov I. Savva, Aleksandr L. Soldatchenko, Rustem M. Sirazetdinov & Linar G. Akhmetov

    The relevance of the study is conditioned by the modernization of engineering education aimed at specialists' training to solve engineering and economic problems effectively. The goal of the paper ... More

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  2. Technique for Formation of Future Teachers' Readiness for Their Professional and Pedagogic Cooperation

    Mukhtar A. Tolegen, Kussna R. Tumanova, Tatyana S. Shumeyko, Saltanat A. Zhakaeva, Kunssulu A. Zhakaeva & Sulushash T. Aysina

    The article is devoted to the currently pressing high-education problem of formation of readiness by future teachers for their professional and pedagogic cooperation work. It describes the research... More

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  3. The Development of Electronic Educational Environment of the Contemporary Higher Educational Institution within the Context of Teaching Innovations

    Irina V. Khairova & Vera I. Toktarova

    The problem under study is acute due to rampant development of electronic education putting forward new demands to the arrangement of professional education of HEI students. The article makes a... More

    pp. 2255-2265

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  4. Development of Subject Position as a Condition for Forming Communicative Competence of a Future Teacher

    Alfiya Sh. Yarullina & Aliya T. Araslanova

    Since the demand on specialists with broad professional competence grows nowadays, high education is filled with new contents and presupposes formation of a professionally competent teacher.... More

    pp. 2311-2322

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  5. Comparative Review of Pedagogical Technologies in the Educational Process of Higher Educational Institutions

    Svetlana S. Kulmagambetova, Saltanat K. Iskindirova, Zhadyra S. Kazhiakparova, Kulyash T. Bainiyeva & Chimay Pandya

    The present rapid technological progress and the post-crisis period determine the increasing demand for revision of existing concepts and strategies aimed at maintaining global development. This... More

    pp. 2567-2581

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  6. Education Technologies in Addressing the Problem of Forming the Socially Active Individual

    Irina N. Popova

    The article is devoted to the analysis of technological support of the educational process in solving the problem of forming the socially active individual. The authors studied the value of the... More

    pp. 2583-2593

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  7. Application of Information and Communication Technologies by the Future Primary School Teachers in the Context of Inclusive Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan

    Aliya K. Oralbekova, Sholpan Zh. Arzymbetova, Saule B. Begalieva, Meirgul N. Ospanbekova, Gulvira A. Mussabekova & Ainash S. Dauletova

    Many children with disabilities in the Republic of Kazakhstan face up to physiological difficulties in moving, communicating, learning, along with problems related to learning various computer... More

    pp. 2813-2827

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