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Internet and Higher Education

2005 Volume 8, Number 4

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Post-secondary educators' professional development: Investigation of an online approach to enhancing teaching and learning

    Lynne Schrum, Mary D. Burbank, Jonathan Engle, Jack A. Chambers & Kelly F. Glassett

    Faculty in post-secondary institutions must continually reassess, refine, and revise their teaching, yet it is a challenge for them to gain this professional development with heavy teaching... More

    pp. 279-289

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  2. Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of providing lecture notes: The role of internet technology as a delivery system and research tool

    Mark Grabe & Kimberly Christopherson

    Relationships among patterns of access to online notes, examination performance, and student absenteeism were examined. Students who made more frequent use of online notes performed at a higher... More

    pp. 291-298

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  3. Study procrastination, achievement, and academic motivation in web-based and blended distance learning

    Jeanine Romano, Tary L. Wallace, Ina J. Helmick, Lou M. Carey & Lisa Adkins

    Growth in distance education is increasing the need to examine students' learning strategies in distance and blended learning environments. Students' cramming or spaced-review behaviors were... More

    pp. 299-305

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  4. Self-efficacy as an evaluation measure for programs in support of online learning literacies for undergraduates

    K. Martin “Marty” Fletcher

    This study evaluated an intervention for building undergraduates' technological literacies for higher education in support of use of the learning management system and desktop applications. Self... More

    pp. 307-322

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  5. The digital history and pedagogy project: Creating an interpretative/pedagogical historical website

    Brendan Calandra & John Lee

    The Digital History and Pedagogy Project (DHPP) is an interpretive/pedagogical collection of Web-based historical resources designed for use in inquiry-based learning in high school and university ... More

    pp. 323-333

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  6. Online MBA students' perceptions of online learning: Benefits, challenges, and suggestions

    Kyong-Jee Kim, Shijuan Liu & Curtis J. Bonk

    Online MBA programs have seen a rapid rise in student enrollments in recent years and institutions of higher education have keen interests in offering quality online MBA programs to meet the... More

    pp. 335-344

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  7. Editor's choice 2005: Selected online learning resources

    Laurie P. Dringus

    The Editor-In-Chief of "The Internet and Higher Education" compiles for the last issue of each year's volume resources that may be useful for researchers, teachers, administrators, or students who ... More

    pp. 345-357

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