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Internet and Higher Education

July 2019 Volume 42, Number 1

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Number of articles: 2

  1. The effects of group metacognitive scaffolding on group metacognitive behaviors, group performance, and cognitive load in computer-supported collaborative learning

    Lanqin Zheng, Xin Li, Xuan Zhang & Wei Sun

    Previous studies have reported the importance of metacognition on learning performance. However, little effort has been made to develop group metacognitive scaffolding (GMS) in computer-supported... More

    pp. 13-24

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  2. The role of social cues in supporting students to overcome challenges in online multi-stage assignments

    Tiffani Apps, Karley Beckman & Sue Bennett, School of Education, Australia; Barney Dalgarno, Division of Learning and Teaching, Australia; Gregor Kennedy, Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education, Australia; Lori Lockyer, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Australia

    Online technologies can facilitate new assessment designs, where students develop, analyse and reflect upon their learning. Online multi-stage assignments provide students with opportunities to... More

    pp. 25-33

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