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Internet and Higher Education

2000 Volume 3, Number 4

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Number of articles: 3

  1. A critical analysis and evaluation of Web-based environments for program development

    Fadi P. Deek, Ki-Wang Ho & Haider Ramadhan

    This paper provides a classification, review, and critical analysis of current Web-based interactive programming environments and tools that facilitate learning programming languages and concepts. ... More

    pp. 223-269

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  2. Four fictional views of the future of learning

    Alfred Bork

    We are at a critical moment in the history of human learning, and in the history of humans. Learning is very important in our future. With 6 billion people on Earth, going to 9 billion by the... More

    pp. 271-284

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  3. Building and sustaining community in asynchronous learning networks

    Alfred P Rovai

    This article applies the concept of classroom community to asynchronous learning networks (ALNs) by taking on the issue of how best to design and implement a course that fosters community among... More

    pp. 285-297

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