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Internet and Higher Education

2000 Volume 3, Number 3

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Online and traditional assessments: what is the difference?

    Alfred P. Rovai

    This article identifies the major principles of general assessment theory, examines how these principles can be applied to an online environment, and identifies and describes several assessment... More

    pp. 141-151

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  2. E-commerce content in business school curriculum: opportunities and challenges

    Ravindra Krovi & B.S. Vijayaraman

    The Internet is providing organizations with new ways of competing in their respective marketplaces. Transacting business on the Internet — now commonly referred to as e-commerce — is creating... More

    pp. 153-160

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  3. Critical factors for successful delivery of online programs

    Edward Lieblein

    The author explores several factors that are critical to the successful delivery of online programs. These observations are based on nearly 10 years of academic and administrative experience with... More

    pp. 161-174

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  4. Addressing evaluation and assessment while delivering online learning for the Army

    Anita F. McCarthy-McGee

    The author addresses questions of evaluating online learning for the Army. Specifically, is the customary Army “go/no-go” assessment applicable in an online environment? Are the traditional... More

    pp. 175-181

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  5. Desktop videoconferencing: The promise and problems of delivery of Web-based training

    Don L. Unruh

    The author investigates the current state of desktop videoconferencing by exploring the criteria for effective Web-based delivery, the communication requirements for effective desktop... More

    pp. 183-199

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