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Internet and Higher Education

Volume 2, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Library Explorer: A Voyage Toward Self-Directed Learning

    Marsha Forys

    Recent changes in education and in technology have prompted librarians involved in instruction to question old approaches and to try new methods and media in order to enhance their instructional... More

    pp. 5-9

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  2. Implementing Distance Learning: Frameworks for Change

    Patrick A Scollin & Steven F Tello

    As Distance Learning programs expand at colleges and universities across the country, institutions find themselves grappling with a range of academic and administrative issues. Faculty working... More

    pp. 11-20

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  3. Internet Plagiarism: Developing Strategies to Curb Student Academic Dishonesty

    M.Jill Austin & Linda D. Brown

    The use of computers has made academic dishonesty easier. Powerful word processing programs allow students to easily “cut and paste” ideas from information they find on the Internet or other... More

    pp. 21-33

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  4. Designing Instruction for the Context of Online Learning

    Cynthia Weston, Terry Gandell, Lynn McAlpine & Adam Finkelstein

    Many individuals are creating instruction that will be used for online learning. This paper reviews four generic categories of instructional principles: Instructional Design (pedagogical issues),... More

    pp. 35-44

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  5. Questioning the Role of Technology in Higher Education: Why is this the Road Less Traveled?

    Steve Grineski

    This paper analyzes four issues that influence teaching and learning in college classrooms. These issues include the idea that using instructional technology in higher education should not be... More

    pp. 45-54

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  6. The Framework for DIRECTED Online Learning Environments

    Laurie P Dringus & Steve Terrell

    A steady increase in the development and use of online instructional delivery systems in higher education institutions is expected to occur over the next few years. Online learning environments ... More

    pp. 55-67

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  7. Online with Dr. John A. Scigliano, Part 1

    Laurie P Dringus

    pp. 69-75

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