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Internet and Higher Education

2007 Volume 10, Number 3

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Researching the community of inquiry framework: Review, issues, and future directions

    D. Randy Garrison & J.B. Arbaugh

    Since its publication in "The Internet and Higher Education", Garrison, Anderson, and Archer's [Garrison, D. R., Anderson, T., & Archer, W. (2000). Critical inquiry in a text-based environment:... More

    pp. 157-172

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  2. Design of online teacher professional development in a statewide Reading First professional development system

    Kathleen Roskos, Tania Jarosewich, Lisa Lenhart & Linda Collins

    This study examined the pedagogy of three online teacher professional development (oTPD) modules. Evidence of design features oriented to the how people learn framework was the primary research... More

    pp. 173-183

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  3. A Bayesian analysis of the institutional and individual factors influencing faculty technology use

    Katrina A. Meyer & Yonghong Jade Xu

    This study answered questions about which faculty come to use technology in their teaching and used a novel statistical analysis to develop a model that captures the primary factors influencing... More

    pp. 184-195

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  4. Using Web 2.0 for learning in the community

    Robin Mason & Frank Rennie

    This paper describes the use of a range of Web 2.0 technologies to support the development of community for a newly formed Land Trust on the Isle of Lewis, in NW Scotland. The application of social... More

    pp. 196-203

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  5. Preparing future teachers for diverse schools in an online learning community: Perceptions and practice

    Lynne Schrum, Mary D. Burbank & Rosemary Capps

    This study provides an example of one institution's efforts to design coursework that meets the simultaneous challenges of supporting the aims of increasing access to online courses and... More

    pp. 204-211

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  6. Interpersonal dimensions of community in graduate online learning: Exploring social presence through the lens of Systemic Functional Linguistics

    Phil Goertzen & Carolyn Kristjánsson

    This exploratory case study considers the interpersonal dimension of collaborative learning in an online graduate community that is based on a cohort approach to education which is characterized by... More

    pp. 212-230

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