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Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy

May 2011 Volume 54, Number 8

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Take It out of Class: Exploring Virtual Literature Circles

    Joy Bowers-Campbell

    Fifteen graduate students enrolled in an English methods class were organized into three book clubs to participate in online literature discussion. Participants' posts about their reading included ... More

    pp. 557-567

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  2. TECHnology and Literacy for Adolescents with Disabilities

    Margaret Elaine King-Sears, Christopher Swanson & Lynne Mainzer

    Students with disabilities benefit when technology is used to promote their literacy learning. The authors describe TECH, a framework educators can use to select, implement, and monitor the impact ... More

    pp. 569-578

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  3. Adolescents and "Autographics": Reading and Writing Coming-of-Age Graphic Novels

    Janette Michelle Hughes, Alyson King, Peggy Perkins & Victor Fuke

    Students at two different sites (a 12th-grade English class focused on workplace preparation and an alternative program for students who had been expelled from school) read graphic novels and,... More

    pp. 601-612

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  4. "Rap Universal": Using Multimodal Media Production to Develop ICT Literacies

    K C. Nat Turner

    Through a multimodal media production literacy intervention in an extended-day program, culturally and linguistically diverse youth developed valuable information and communication technology... More

    pp. 613-623

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