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Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy

April 2011 Volume 54, Number 7

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Number of articles: 3

  1. On the Cusp of Cyberspace: Adolescents' Online Text Use in Conversation

    Margaret A. Berg

    This discourse analysis study examines the use of online texts in the live conversations of adolescents at and around computers in the Young Adult section of a Midwestern public library serving a... More

    pp. 485-493

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  2. Are We Postmodern Yet? Reading "Monster" with 21st-Century Ninth Graders

    Susan Lee Groenke & Michelle Youngquist

    When the authors taught Walter Dean Myers's postmodern young adult novel "Monster" to ninth graders, they assumed the students would like the text, as its format and style resemble that of popular ... More

    pp. 505-513

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  3. Embracing the Squishiness of Digital Literacy

    Zac Chase & Diana Laufenberg

    The thing about digital literacy is its inherent squishiness. Educators argue whether the tool or the purpose matters most. They debate whether something being "electronic" constitutes "digital."... More

    pp. 535-537

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