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Journal of Extension

August 2014 Volume 52, Number 4

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  1. A Guide to Help Consumers Choose Apps and Avoid App Overload

    Ellen Schuster & Lynda Zimmerman

    Mobile technology has transformed the way consumers access and use information. The exponential growth of mobile apps makes finding suitable, easy-to-use nutrition and health-related apps... More

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  2. I-WALK: An Innovative Approach to Community Walkability

    Christopher J. Seeger, Catherine J. Lillehoj, Alan D. Jensen, Suzy Wilson & Lydia R. Levinson

    One way of combating rising obesity rates and decreasing physical activity levels among children is to promote active transportation to and from schools. The award-winning I-WALK program provides a... More

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  3. Improving Food Safety Knowledge through an Online Training Program

    Rebecca S. Dittmar, Jenna Anding & Stephen Green

    Foodborne illness is a major public health concern in the U.S. The CDC [Centers for Disease Control] estimates that approximately 48 million Americans become ill, 128,000 hospitalized, and 3,000... More

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  4. Hybrid Food Preservation Program Improves Food Preservation and Food Safety Knowledge

    Sarah L. Francis

    The growing trend in home food preservation raises concerns about whether the resulting food products will be safe to eat. The increased public demand for food preservation information led to the... More

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