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Journal of Extension

June 2011 Volume 49, Number 3

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Graduate Students Serve Extension as Evaluation Consultants

    Megan McClure & Nicholas E. Fuhrman

    In an effort to provide graduate students at a distance with field-based learning experiences and evaluation resources to statewide Extension programs, 24 Master's students participating in a... More

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  2. Pilot Evaluation of an Internet Educational Module for Agricultural Safety

    Charles V. Schwab & Steven A. Freeman

    An important component of the safe operation of agricultural equipment is the ability to read and understand universal symbols. The Internet educational module is designed to help participants... More

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  3. Assessing the Need for an On-Line Educational Module for Volunteer Leaders on Bio-Security in Washington State 4-H Livestock Projects

    Jill L. Stevenson, Dale A. Moore, Jerry Newman, Janet L. Schmidt, Sarah M. Smith, Jean Smith, Susan Kerr, Michael Wallace & Pat BoyEs

    4-H livestock projects present disease transmission risks that can be reduced by the use of bio-security practices. The responsibility of teaching bio-security to youth belongs primarily to... More

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  4. The National Board Basics Curriculum Project: A Leadership Capacity Building Tool for Boards

    James Barnes & Paul Lachapelle

    We explain in this article the need for board training in rural America irrespective of industry or government sector. We discuss how an assessment of training needs has led to the launch of a new ... More

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