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Multicultural Education

2002 Volume 10, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Technology as a Tool in Multicultural Teaching

    Christine Sleeter & Sharon Tettegah

    Explores various applications of multimedia, interactive, Internet, and Web-based electronic tools to multicultural teaching, asserting that while sound classroom pedagogy and constructive dialogue... More

    pp. 3-9

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  2. Welcoming the Culture of Computing into the K-12 Classroom: Technological Fluency and Lessons Learned from Second Language Acquisition and Cross Cultural Studies

    Abbie H. Brown & Anne Campbell

    Discusses the integration of innovative technologies into the K-12 curriculum and its impact on instructional programs for linguistically and culturally diverse students. Describes the debate over ... More

    pp. 10-14

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  3. (Dis)Integrating Multiculturalism with Technology

    Juan S. Munoz

    Examines whether K-12 teachers are prepared to use technology in innovative and effective ways to authentically present multicultural education, examining the potential inability of teachers to... More

    pp. 19-24

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  4. Where in the Oregon Trail Is Carmen Sandiego? A Commentary on Software and Its Sensitivity to Diversity

    Delrita Cruz Guzman

    Addresses cultural biases, language biases, cultural sensitivity, and the authenticity of educational software for children, critiquing several popular educational programs and revealing the... More

    pp. 31-34

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  5. Dealing with Disengagement through Diversity: An Electronic Curriculum for Cultural Relevance

    David A. Gabbard, Mark L'Esperance, Theresa Perez & Terry Atkinson

    Examines specific features of the online Blackboard distance learning platform that enhance the advantages of alternative teacher certification programs, especially with regard to helping teachers ... More

    pp. 41-48

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