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Social Studies Review

1991 Volume 30, Number 3

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Number of articles: 7

  1. The Carnegie H.A.T. Project--History and Technology

    Sue Laskey

    Describes the History and Technology Project (HAT) at a model technology school. Offers suggestions of suitable hardware and software, and ideas for funding. Emphasizes the goal of integrating... More

    pp. 45-50

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  2. Computers in the Social Studies Classroom

    Timothy H. Little

    Describes "Western Gunfighters--Myths and Realities," a database for teaching about the Wild West. Includes a focus on process objectives such as identifying cause and effect, formulating... More

    pp. 58-65

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  3. A Realistic View of Hypermedia in the Social Studies Classroom

    Phyllis Maxey Fernlund & Susan Cooper-Shoup

    Urges use of hypermedia or integration of text, graphics, animation, video, and sound in teaching social studies. Compares the cost of hypermedia programs with traditional teaching methods.... More

    pp. 66-70

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  4. Can You Dig It?

    Gary Ovoian & Don Gregory

    Presents a program for teaching social studies through a simulated archaeological dig. Describes an integrated lesson in solving real problems through a variety of disciplines making full use of... More

    pp. 83-88

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  5. Teaching History and Geography with FutureFone: A Computer Simulation of Telecommunications in the Year 2000

    Bernard J. Dodge

    Describes software programs available to social studies teachers. Focuses on FutureFone, a simulation of a telephone system of the year 2000 featuring online services likely to be widely available ... More

    pp. 97-104

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  6. What!? Technology in the Classroom...Yes! Middle School Review

    Cheryl Cook-Kallio

    Discusses GTV, a computer software program that presents U.S. history from a geographic perspective. Lists resources and equipment necessary to make effective use of the program. Cites the program'... More

    pp. 111-12

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  7. Using the New Technology in the Social Studies Classroom: An ERIC/ChESS Sample

    Vickie J. Schlene

    Presents a bibliographic listing of ERIC/ChESS citations on the use of technology in social studies. Includes studies on computer use to learn map skills, information on incorporating computer work... More

    pp. 117-21

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