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Journal of School Leadership

March 2011 Volume 21, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. School Technology Leadership: Artifacts in Systems of Practice

    Sara Dexter

    A cross-case analysis of five case studies of team-based technology leadership in middle schools with laptop programs identifies systems of practice that organize teams' distributed leadership.... More

    pp. 166-189

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  2. Information and Communications Technologies Support for 21st-Century Teaching: An International Analysis

    David Rutkowski, Leslie Rutkowski & Jason Sparks

    Beginning in the 1990s, national educational policies around the world have mandated massive investments in information and communications technologies (ICT) to transform teaching and learning in... More

    pp. 190-215

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  3. The Dearth of Technology Leadership Coverage

    Scott McLeod & Jayson W. Richardson

    This study focused on understanding the extent to which technology leadership is discussed, framed, and given voice in the fields of educational leadership and educational administration. To do... More

    pp. 216-240

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  4. Educational Leadership and Technology Integration: An Investigation into Preparation, Experiences, and Roles

    Lynne Schrum, Lyndsie M. Galizio & Patrick Ledesma

    This research, looking through the lens of Fullan (1991) regarding the complexity of implementing school wide change, sought to explore preparation and requirements of new administrators with... More

    pp. 241-261

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