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Interactive Learning Environments

2003 Volume 11, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Cognitive Skills Acquisition in Life-Long Learning (Part 2)


    Introduces three papers that discuss the design methodology for developing learning systems for cognitive skills acquisition. Provides specific examples of processes that underlie the acquisition... More

    pp. 1-2

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  2. Use of Paper-Based Support Tools To Aid the Acquisition of Cognitive Skills during Unsupervised Practice

    Deborah Alpert Sleight

    Describes how graduate students used paper-based support tools to help them acquire a complex cognitive skill during unsupervised practice and explains why the tools were able to support the... More

    pp. 3-22

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  3. Enhancing Learners' Cognitive Skills through Multimedia Design

    Min Liu

    Examines how to design interactive multimedia learning environments to provide necessary support for developing higher level cognitive skills. Describes an approach of engaging learners as... More

    pp. 23-39

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  4. Design of Support Tools for Knowledge Building in a Virtual University Course

    SeJin Chung, Charles Severance & Moon-Jung Chung

    Studies how support tools facilitate knowledge building processes in a World Wide Web-based virtual university engineering course. Examines whether students engage in different types of knowledge... More

    pp. 41-57

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  5. Initiating Intrinsic Motivation in Online Education: Review of the Current State of the Art

    Paul Kawachi

    Discusses the need to initiate intrinsic motivation in Japanese students in online higher education. Presents an overview of the online education process with constructivist learning theory,... More

    pp. 59-81

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