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Journal of Computing in Higher Education

September 2006 Volume 18, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Challenge or Connect? Dialogue in Online Learning Environments

    Trena M. Paulus

    There is increasing interest in creating frameworks for online discussions to improve learning outcomes in higher education environments. Many of these frameworks rely on and promote argumentation-... More

    pp. 3-29

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  2. Visualizing Interaction Patterns in Online Discussions and Indices of Cognitive Presence

    William J. Gibbs

    This paper discusses Mapping Temporal Relations of Discussions Software (MTRDS), a Web-based application that visually represents the temporal relations of online discussions. MTRDS was used to... More

    pp. 30-54

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  3. Computer-Based Graphical Displays for Enhancing Mental Animation and Improving Reasoning in Novice Learning of Probability

    Danielle E. Kaplan & Erin Chia-ling Wu

    Our research suggests static and animated graphics can lead to more animated thinking and more correct problem solving in computer-based probability learning. Pilot software modules were developed ... More

    pp. 55-79

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  4. Tele-Immersion: Preferred Infrastructure for Anatomy Instruction

    Jonathan C. Silverstein, Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, Darin A. Croft, Fred W. Dech, Stephen Small & Sandy Cook

    Understanding spatial relationships among anatomic structures is an essential skill for physicians. Traditional medical education--using books, lectures, physical models, and cadavers--may be... More

    pp. 80-93

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  5. Exploring the Potential of Podcasting to Deliver Mobile Ubiquitous Learning in Higher Education

    Mark J. W. Lee & Anthony Chan

    Podcasting facilitates the timely delivery of digital audio content such as MP3 files to a user's desktop, as it becomes available. The authors believe it holds tremendous potential as a low-cost, ... More

    pp. 94-115

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  6. Changes in Academic Dishonesty among MIS Majors between 1999 and 2004

    Bob S. Brown & Rick Weible

    A questionnaire on academic dishonesty was administered to management information systems majors at an eastern state university in 1999 and 2004. The often-cited proposition that the level of... More

    pp. 116-134

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