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Early Education and Development

2006 Volume 17, Number 3

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Digital Photography and Journals in a Kindergarten-First-Grade Classroom: Toward Meaningful Technology Integration in Early Childhood Education

    Cynthia Carter Ching, X Christine Wang, Mei-Li Shih & Yore Kedem

    To explore meaningful and effective technology integration in early childhood education, we investigated how kindergarten-first-grade students created and employed digital photography journals to... More

    pp. 347-371

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  2. Constructing a Joint Story-Writing Space: The Dynamics of Young Children's Collaboration at Computers

    Ya-hui Chung & Daniel J. Walsh

    This study explored kindergartners' and first graders' collaborative processes to understand the nature of peer collaboration and the learning opportunities afforded by peer discourse. Data were... More

    pp. 373-420

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  3. Technology in the Home and the Achievement of Young Children: Findings from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study

    Linda M. Espinosa, James M. Laffey, Tiffany Whittaker & Yanyan Sheng

    Because technology in the home is becoming ever more available, understanding the role of technology in early childhood development is increasingly an opportunity and a concern for educators. This ... More

    pp. 421-441

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  4. A Comprehensive Approach to Technology Training for Early Childhood Teachers

    Jie-Qi Chen & Charles Chang

    This study describes the development and implementation of a comprehensive approach to computer technology training for early childhood teachers. Departing from the singular goal of conveying... More

    pp. 443-465

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  5. Integrating Information and Communication Technologies into the Early Childhood Curriculum: Chinese Principals' Views of the Challenges and Opportunities

    Hui Li

    This study investigated the challenges and opportunities associated with the introduction of information and communication technologies (ICT) into the early childhood curriculum in Hong Kong... More

    pp. 467-487

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  6. The Relationship between Software Design and Children's Engagement

    Warren Buckleitner

    This study was an attempt to measure the effects of praise and reinforcement on children in a computer learning setting. A sorting game was designed to simulate 2 interaction styles. One style,... More

    pp. 489-505

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