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Journal on School Educational Technology

2009 Volume 5, Number 2

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Number of articles: 7

  1. GIS Enabled PBl Pedagogy: The Effects on Students' Learning in the Classroom

    Yan Liu & Kumar Laxman

    In efforts aimed at acquainting learners with "how to learn" skills rather than static content knowledge, more student centric instructional approaches are being increasingly adopted in... More

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  2. New Teachers and Technology Preparation: Immersion or Infusion?

    Paul Egeland

    In the 21st Century, it is imperative for new teachers to be well prepared for utilizing technology to enhance instruction and increase student learning. While this is true for all teacher... More

    pp. 1-7

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  3. Enhancing the Performance of Learning-Disabled Children by Dint of Theatre Education

    S. Praveen Kumar & B. William Dharma Raja

    In schools, teachers come across pupils who have diverse abilities and special needs. Some of the learners achieve high and some may lag behind in their learning. They may face learning problems... More

    pp. 8-14

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  4. A Study of the Attitudes of the Teacher Educators towards Secondary School Teacher Education Programme in Pakistan

    Aijaz Ahmed Gujjar & Bushra Naoreen

    The success of any educational reform depends upon the quality of teachers and in turn the quality of teachers depends to a large extent on the quality of teacher education and quality of teacher... More

    pp. 28-38

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  5. A Tool to Measure the B.Ed Teacher Trainees' Attitude towards ICT

    J. Samuel Gnanamuthu & R. Krishnakumar

    There are indications that the new technologies could have radical implications for conventional teaching and learning processes. It notes that, in reconfiguring how teachers and learners gain... More

    pp. 39-42

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  6. A Study on Use of Computer among Higher Secondary Students as Related with Their Computer Anxiety, Internet Attitude and Self-Efficacy in Computer

    V. Vinaitheerthan & Jomy Johnson

    The present attempt is to study the use of computer and its possible relationship to Internet attitude, self-efficacy in computer and computer anxiety among higher secondary students. The present... More

    pp. 43-50

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  7. Teaching Style of Teachers in the Colleges of Education

    S. Robinson

    Teaching is deemed to be the noblest of all professions. The innovations in teaching techniques have placed the teacher educator's approach individualized and more learner-centred. The advancement ... More

    pp. 51-55

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