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Journal on School Educational Technology

2009 Volume 4, Number 4

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Using Technology in Multi-Tiered Interventions to Differentiate Instruction

    Sara Bicard, Laura Baylot Casey, Kathryn Nichols, Esther Plank & Samantha Finley

    Differentiated instruction denotes varying instruction in terms of content, product, and process to meet the needs of all learners. One way to differentiate the instructional process is to provide ... More

    pp. 1-6

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  2. 20 Ways to Facilitate Learning Experiences through Differentiated Instructional Strategies

    Paul J. Riccomini, Sharon Sanders, Kimberly Bright & Bradley S. Witzel

    The challenges teachers face everyday in effectively teaching ALL students along a pre-determined path, usually with pre-determined curricula, towards a goal of adequate yearly progress is... More

    pp. 7-14

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  3. 10 Tips for Turning DI Theory into Practice

    Melissa N. Ducey & Shirley Key

    At the core of differentiated instruction (DI) is the belief that because all children are different, their learning needs and abilities are different, and therefore must be approached differently.... More

    pp. 15-19

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  4. Viability of Welfare Technology in Mass Technical Literacy Programme

    Achintya & Manish Prabha

    Each developing country should be encouraged to identify its own priorities and develop welfare technology mobilizing its own natural and human resources and should not unnecessarily imitate the... More

    pp. 20-23

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  5. Social Interaction Strategies and Techniques for Today's Classrooms

    Dan R. Saurino, Penelope Saurino & Robert Clemente

    An emerging research tool used in recent years to better understand and improve teacher thinking has been the use of collaboration and collaborative action research. In our study, we were... More

    pp. 24-38

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  6. New Electronic Technologies for Facilitating Differentiated Instruction

    Kathleen Scalise

    With electronic technologies, differentiated instruction has the same meaning as in traditional instruction, but different tools are available for teachers to help students learn. Electronic... More

    pp. 39-45

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  7. Mastery Learning through Individualized Instruction: A Reinforcement Strategy

    John Sagy, R. Ravi & R. Ananthasayanam

    The present study attempts to gauge the effect of individualized instructional methods as a reinforcement strategy for mastery learning. Among various individualized instructional methods, the... More

    pp. 46-49

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