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Journal on School Educational Technology

2006 Volume 2, Number 2

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Fostering Participation and Leadership Skills

    Preeti Jaiswal

    Schools play a very significant role in fostering participation and leadership skills and in promoting the way forward to a better future. This article offers a number of strategies which can pave ... More

    pp. 16-17

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  2. Home School Relationships: Challenges for Teachers and Head Teachers in Pakistan

    Qamar Safdar

    The connection between home and school is referred to in various ways such as parent involvement, home-school relations or community involvement in schools. This paper conceptualize that connection... More

    pp. 18-28

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  3. Education for Life and through out Life

    A. Rangaswamy, P. Balasubramanian & S. Allwin

    Teaching is successful only to the extent to which students are able to grasp it fully. In this age of science and technology, the process of teaching has reached new dimensions. Teaching is not a ... More

    pp. 29-33

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  4. Student Leadership Demand and Problem of the Educational System

    'Lade Joel Adeyanju

    Leadership is a subjective concept that can be applied in diverse ways, depending on the circumstances either negative or positive (Ubong and Wokocha, 2001) Subjective as the concept of leadership ... More

    pp. 34-37

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  5. Developing Student Leadership Skills towards Total Quality

    Dheeraj Mehrotra

    This article argues that students who have leadership skills are empowered toward better learning and decision making and ultimately are more disciplined. Herein, the author offers a number of... More

    pp. 38-39

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  6. Embellishment of Student Leadership in Learning Multiplication at Primary Level

    G. Singaravelu

    The present study enlightens the efficacy of Student Leadership method in learning Multiplication in Mathematics at primary level. Single group experimental method was adopted for the study. Forty ... More

    pp. 40-43

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  7. Reflections on the Digital Youth Leadership for Social Justice Activism: Understanding Silent Dialogues through Critical Pedagogy

    Gulsun Kurubacak

    The main purpose of this paper is to explore and discuss youth reflections toward digital leadership for social justice activism. Besides, this paper aims to explore the evidence and truth that... More

    pp. 44-51

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