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Journal on School Educational Technology

2017 Volume 12, Number 3

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Preparing Teachers for Technology Based Teaching-Learning Using TPACK

    M. Padmavathi

    Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) is a conceptual framework for teachers to teach effectively using technology. This framework originates from the opinion that use of technology... More

    pp. 1-9

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  2. English as a Foreign Language Students' Opinions about the Use of English on the Internet

    Abdullah Coskun

    As in many other fields, the Internet has been used for educational purposes, especially for foreign language learning. This study has the main objective to investigate English as a Foreign... More

    pp. 10-20

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  3. The Challenges of Integrating Mobile Technology in the Classroom Examining an iPad Professional Development Project

    Michael K. Barbour, Tamme Quinn Grzebyk, Michael M. Grant & Jason Siko

    The iPad is a tool that could change the way in which teachers prepare and deliver instruction in the K-12 environment. But, while proponents tout its capabilities, school administrators run the... More

    pp. 22-33

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  4. The Characteristics of a Good Mathematics Teacher in Terms of Students, Mathematics Teachers, and School Administrators

    Sibel Yesildere-Imre

    This qualitative research aims to examine the opinions of school administrators, teachers, and middle school students about what makes a good mathematics teacher. Interviews were conducted with... More

    pp. 34-43

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  5. Effectiveness of Cooperative Learning and Lecture Demonstration Method on Developing Ecocentric Attitude among Secondary School Students

    Vijaya S. N. Kumari & D. K. Umashree

    Anthropocentrism and ecocentrism are two ways of understanding an extension of ethics to nature. In an anthropocentric ethic, nature deserves moral consideration because how nature is treated... More

    pp. 44-53

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