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Journal on School Educational Technology

2006 Volume 1, Number 3

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Number of articles: 9

  1. Focus on the Learner: Fostering Gumption for Quality, Independent Learning

    Fatimah Hashim & Halima Awang

    How learners learn to take responsibility for their own learning remains a challenge for educators. One concept that has not been widely considered that we propose is an important requirement in... More

    pp. 11-16

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  2. Using Outlines to Improve Student Writing Skills

    Brent Muirhead

    Assisting students with written work continues to be a challenging task for today's teachers. Outlining represents a relevant instructional technique to help students develop self-regulated writing... More

    pp. 17-23

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  3. The Significance of Motivation in Mentoring Students

    Preeti Jaiswal

    Through this article, the significance of motivation, whether extrinsic or intrinsic in the teaching and learning process is focused. Various simple methods to enhance motivation among students are... More

    pp. 24-27

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  4. Efficacy of Student Mentoring and Motivation in Learning Division of Mathematics

    G. Singaravelu & Sangeetha Ramaswamy

    Learners at primary level had learning impediments in divisions of mathematics, which was eliminated by a student mentor's kind approach, conducive motivation, spot guidance, friendly facilitation ... More

    pp. 28-31

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  5. Mentoring in Indian Educational Scenario--A Necessity for Teacher Today

    Bobby Leonard

    So far "Indian" education has been progressing on the blackboard front, and less commitment towards mentoring and building the overall capabilities of students. Today, whatever is the... More

    pp. 32-35

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  6. Motivating the Reluctant Learner Using Multimedia within a Socio Constructivist Learning Environment

    Alan Largey & Patricia Timmins

    A class of unmotivated inner city secondary school children were introduced to an innovative, new, dedicated physical environment where computers and multimedia software were seamlessly integrated ... More

    pp. 36-44

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  7. Turkish K12 Teachers' Intentions toward New Communicational Technologies: Building an Effective Technology Plan via the Theory of Planned Behavior

    Gulsun Kurubacak

    The main purpose of this qualitative research is to find out Turkish K12 teachers' intentions toward New Communication Technologies (NCTs) that they redesign and revolutionize their new roles in... More

    pp. 45-60

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  8. Tutorials in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Open University System

    Carmencita L. Castolo

    Tutorial is one of the student support services often provided by open and distance teaching institutions. These are regularly scheduled meetings between a tutor and his/here students which may... More

    pp. 61-68

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  9. Teaching and Learning Practices: Their Effects on Mathematics Achievement

    Halimah Awang & Noor Azina Ismail

    This paper examines the effects of teaching and learning strategies on mathematics achievement among eighth grade students in Malaysia using data from the Third International Mathematics and... More

    pp. 69-73

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