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Indian Journal of Open Learning

2001 Volume 10, Number 2

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Number of articles: 10

  1. E-Learning in the United States: New Directions and Opportunities for University Continuing Education

    Paul Edelson, school of Professional Development State University of New York, Story Brook, New York; Von V. Pittman, Centre for Distance and Independent Study, University of Missouri Columbia

    Abstract: The authors address recent developments in electronics distance learning (or elearning) in the United States with special attention to its historical antecedents in correspondence... More

    pp. 123-134

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  2. Transition to lnternet Based Learning in IGNOU: A Learner's Perspective

    S.K Pulist, Iildira Gaudhi National Open University, New Delhi, lndia

    Abstract: The emergence of lntemet has revolutionalised the open and distance learning. Technology mix in this area has opened new doors for the teachers and the taught, and has enhanced the... More

    pp. 135-149

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  3. Role of Radio and TV Programmes in Distance and Open Learning System: A Case of Bangladesh Open University

    Salma Karim, Mustafa Kamal & Mayenul Islam, School of Business, Bangladesh Open University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Abstract: In distance and open learning system different types of media are used to impart education to the leamers. Along with the print materials, different types of audio-visual support are... More

    pp. 151-158

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  4. Participatory Learning and Discourse on Local and Global Culture of the Disadvantaged

    Shobhita Jain, lndira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, India

    Abstract: Within the domain of strategies and policies of education and training, this paper focuses on the agency of learners and promotion of continuous dialoguehnteraction among the partners for... More

    pp. 159-173

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  5. Participatory Project Planning (SAVINI): Experiences and Lessons

    Alision Mathie, Coach International Institute Nova Scotia, Canada., Canada; Anita Dighe, Cernter for Extension Education IGNOU, New Delhi, In~fiu.

    Abstract: This evaluation report examines the pilot phase of the SAVINI Project, an innovative distance education initiative motmted by lndira Gandhi National Open University that targeted at... More

    pp. 175-192

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  6. Teacher Education through Distance Mode: An lndepth Study

    Mahesh Sharma, School of Education, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, India

    Abstract: Teachers have an important role to play in making education relevant to the needs of the emerging modem society. Only enlightened, competent and emancipated teachers can meet the... More

    pp. 193-202

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  7. Inservice Secondary Teachers Training Through Distance Education In Haryana

    Hemant Sharma & Dharmender Singh, Directorate of Distance Education, M. D. University, Rohtak, India

    Abstract: The present study was conducted on 50 B.Ed. (DE) trainees of Directorate of Distance Education, M.D. University, Rohtak who were undergoing inselvice distance teacher training in the... More

    pp. 203-209

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  8. Learning Strategies and Academic Performance: A Study of the Successful Distance Learners of PGDDE programme of IGNOU

    Prabir Biswas, STRIDE, indira gandhi national open university new delhi india

    Abstract: The aim of the present study is to find,out the relationship, if any, between learning strategies adopted by the distance learners and their level of academic performance. A sample of 150... More

    pp. 211-220

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  9. Transformation of Printed Course Materials into Self-Instructional Materials (SIMs): Some Basic Issues

    R.R Rausaria & Bharat Bhushan, Distance Education Council, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, India

    Abstract: Self-Instructional Materials (SIMs) are important means of imparting instruction to thousands of distance learners in lndia and abroad. Though almost all the open universities in lndia... More

    pp. 221-227

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  10. Transformation of Printed Course Materials into Self Instructional Materials (SIMs): Some Basic Issues

    R R. Rausaria & Bharat Bhushan

    Discussion of the use of self-instructional materials (SIMs) in distance learning at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and State Open Universities (SOUs) in India. Focuses on the need ... More

    pp. 221-27

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