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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

July 2017 Volume 65, Number 1

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Number of articles: 21

  1. Knowledge relations and epistemic infrastructures as mediators of teachers' collective autonomy

    Hege Hermansen

    This paper examines how teachers' knowledge relations and the profession's epistemic infrastructure shape collective autonomy. Professionals' autonomy derives partially from their responsibility... More

    pp. 1-9

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  2. Rewards, praise, and punitive consequences: Relations with intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

    George G. Bear, School of Education, United States; Jessica C. Slaughter, Colonial School District –New Castle, United States; Lindsey S. Mantz & Elizabeth Farley-Ripple, School of Education, United States

    pp. 10-20

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  3. Teacher implementation of an adolescent reading intervention

    Margaret Troyer

    This study documents the process of implementation of an adolescent reading intervention. Using data from observations of teachers (n = 17) during the 2013-14 school year, I conducted a nuanced... More

    pp. 21-33

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  4. Connecting the dots: An exploration of how pre-service special education teachers make sense of disability and diversity

    Phyllis M. Robertson, Laura A. McFarland, Maria B. Sciuchetti & Shernaz B. García

    Although teacher education standards address preparing candidates to serve diverse learners, minimal guidance is available concerning specific program components and their influence on candidates' ... More

    pp. 34-47

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  5. Subjectivity of teacher judgments: Exploring student characteristics that influence teacher judgments of student ability

    Kane Meissel, Frauke Meyer, Esther S. Yao & Christine M. Rubie-Davies

    Teacher judgments of student achievement are increasingly used for high-stakes decision-making, making it imperative that judgments be as fair and reliable as possible. Using a large national... More

    pp. 48-60

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  6. Teachers’ pedagogical and relational identity negotiation in the Finnish CLIL context

    Sotiria Pappa, Department of Education, Finland; Josephine Moate & Maria Ruohotie-Lyhty, Department of Teacher Education, Finland; Anneli Eteläpelto, Department of Education, Finland

    This study explores the professional identity of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) teachers in Finnish primary education. It aims at explaining how CLIL teachers negotiate their... More

    pp. 61-70

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  7. Fostering teachers' team learning: An interplay between transformational leadership and participative decision-making?

    Machiel Bouwmans, Piety Runhaar, Renate Wesselink & Martin Mulder

    The implementation of educational innovations by teachers seems to benefit from a team approach and team learning. The study's goal is to examine to what extent transformational leadership is... More

    pp. 71-80

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  8. Application of computer-mediated communication on teacher efficacy during school-based field experience

    En-Chong Liaw

    Students in teacher training programs are familiar with the use of e-mail, blogs, and instant messaging. However, few studies have investigated the use of technology in field-related experience in ... More

    pp. 81-90

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  9. Designing global futures: A mixed methods study to develop and validate the teaching for global readiness scale

    Shea N. Kerkhoff

    In response to globalization, leaders have called for more global education in K-12 schools. This study utilized a sequential exploratory mixed methods design to validate the construct teaching for... More

    pp. 91-106

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  10. U.S. teachers' conceptions of the purposes of assessment

    Nicole Barnes, Helenrose Fives & Charity M. Dacey

    Teachers' conceptions about assessment influence their classroom assessment practices. In this investigation, we examined 179 K-12 teachers' conceptions of the purposes of assessment from a person-... More

    pp. 107-116

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  11. Rethinking feedback: Playwriting pedagogy as teaching and learning for creativity

    Paul Gardiner

    Reporting on a study of school based playwriting pedagogy, this article explores the teaching and learning experience created by teachers for students writing a play for external assessment. It... More

    pp. 117-126

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  12. The capacity of South Australian primary school teachers and pre-service teachers to work with trans and gender diverse students

    Clare Bartholomaeus & Damien W. Riggs, School of Social and Policy Studies, Australia; Yarrow Andrew, School of Education, Australia

    Growing numbers of young people are disclosing that they are trans or gender diverse, requiring affirming and informed responses from schools. This article reports on a survey examining attitudes... More

    pp. 127-135

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  13. Mindfulness meditation for future early childhood teachers in Japan

    Motohide Miyahara, School of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences, New Zealand; Tokiko Harada, Division of Cerebral Integration, Japan; Shogo Tanaka, School of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences, New Zealand; Hiroyuki Fukuhara & Tomoko Kano, College of Letters, Japan; Takashi Ono, Department of Early Childhood Education, Japan; Norihiro Sadato, Division of Cerebral Integration, Japan

    To prevent future burnout and turnover among early childhood education students, mindfulness training may hold promise as a measure. A lab-based pilot and classroom-based feasibility study was... More

    pp. 136-144

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  14. Exploring preschool teachers' perspectives on linguistic diversity: A Q study

    Priscilla Sung & Nameera Akhtar

    Twenty-one preschool teachers in California participated in a Q methodology study exploring beliefs about linguistic diversity. Four perspectives emerged from the factor analysis: Aesthetic... More

    pp. 157-170

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  15. Changes in teachers’ instructional skills during an intensive data-based decision making intervention

    Emmelien A. van der Scheer, Cees A.W. Glas & Adrie J. Visscher, University of Twente

    This study evaluates changes in teachers' instructional skills after participating in an intensive data-based decision making (DBDM) intervention for grade 4 teachers. Teachers were recorded three ... More

    pp. 171-182

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  16. Capturing real-time emotional states and triggers for teachers through the teacher wellbeing web-based application t*: A pilot study

    Julie M. Bower & Annemaree Carroll

    This paper presents the development and pilot of the Teacher Wellbeing Web-based Application (t*) to capture real-time teacher emotional states and triggers. In Phase 1, the t* was developed from... More

    pp. 183-191

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  17. Teaching the distinctive language of science: An integrated and scaffolded approach for pre-service teachers

    Susan Feez & Frances Quinn

    To learn science and demonstrate science learning, school students must bridge the gap between everyday use of language and image and the specialised use of language and image needed to achieve... More

    pp. 192-204

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  18. Authenticity and the relevance of discourse and figured worlds in secondary students' discussions of socioscientific issues

    Daniel Åkerblom & Mats Lindahl

    The purpose of this paper is to examine how authenticity influences students' discussions of socioscientific issues (SSI). The students were found to bridge school knowledge and everyday knowledge,... More

    pp. 205-214

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  19. PLCs: Key PD component in learning transfer for teachers of English learners

    Janet Penner-Williams, Eva I. Díaz & Diana Gonzales Worthen

    As part of a two-year long professional development program for in-service teachers leading to endorsement in English as a Second Language (ESL), this investigation examined teachers' perceptions... More

    pp. 215-229

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  20. Teachers' mental health and perceptions of school climate across the transition from training to teaching

    Leigh McLean, Tashia Abry, Michelle Taylor, Manuela Jimenez & Kristen Granger

    This study examined the trajectories of depressive and anxious symptoms among early-career teachers (N = 133) as they transitioned from their training programs into their first year of teaching. In... More

    pp. 230-240

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