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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

May 2017 Volume 64, Number 1

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Number of articles: 25

  1. Measuring preservice teacher self-efficacy in music and visual arts: Validation of an amended science teacher efficacy belief instrument

    Julia E. Morris, Edith Cowan Institute for Education Research, Australia; Geoffrey W. Lummis, School of Education, Australia; David H. McKinnon, Edith Cowan Institute for Education Research, Australia; John Heyworth, School of Education, Australia

    The Science Teacher Efficacy Belief Instrument has been a widely reported measure of teachers' personal efficacy and outcome efficacy beliefs. This pilot study examined if the instrument could be... More

    pp. 1-11

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  2. The development of teachers’ visions from preservice into their first years teaching: A longitudinal study

    Seth A. Parsons, George Mason University, United States; Margaret Vaughn, University of Idaho, United States; Jacquelynn A. Malloy, Clemson University, United States; Melissa Pierczynski, Grand Valley State University, United States

    Contemplating and articulating one's vision is a reflective process that guides teachers' instruction and professional development. However, little research has explored how teachers develop their ... More

    pp. 12-25

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  3. A systematic review of mindfulness interventions for in-service teachers: A tool to enhance teacher wellbeing and performance

    Yoon-Suk Hwang & Brendan Bartlett, Australian Catholic University, Australia; Melissa Greben, Melissa Greben Psychology, Australia; Kirstine Hand, Australian Catholic University, Australia

    This systematic review was conducted to report on developments in and implementations of mindfulness-based intervention research for in-service teachers, and the status of that research. The review... More

    pp. 26-42

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  4. Constructing the image of the teacher on Reddit: Best and worst teachers

    Sandra Chang-Kredl & Daniela Colannino

    In addressing the public image of the teacher, this study reports on the analysis of 600 discussion entries on Reddit, a social media platform, in which respondents described memories of their best... More

    pp. 43-51

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  5. Teachers' perspectives of changes in their practice during a technology in mathematics education research project

    Jill P. Brown

    Teachers' perception of changes to their teaching practice, with respect to digital technology use in secondary school mathematics, during their participation in a research project are reported.... More

    pp. 52-65

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  6. First job and the unequal distribution of primary school teachers: Evidence for the case of Chile

    Verónica Cabezas, School of Education, Chile; Ricardo Paredes, School of Engineering, Chile; Francisca Bogolasky, LBJ School of Public Affairs, United States; Rosario Rivero, School of Education, Chile; Magdalena Zarhi, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile

    Teachers' first employment is key to explain their final distribution in the system. Through a mixed-method approach we study the factors that are related to the first job for teachers in Chile in ... More

    pp. 66-78

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  7. Shifting pedagogy in an AP US government & politics classroom: A DBIR exploration of teacher growth

    Carol M. Adams, Jane C. Lo, Alexandra Goodell & Sara Nachtigal, College of Education, United States

    This paper presents a longitudinal case study of a teacher, over four years, as he participated in a design-based implementation research (DBIR) project aimed at implementing a rigorous project... More

    pp. 79-92

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  8. How school teams perceive and handle multilingualism: The impact of a school's pupil composition

    Lies Strobbe, Centre for Language and Education, Belgium; Anouk Van Der Wildt, Department of Sociology, Belgium; Piet Van Avermaet, The Centre for Diversity and Learning, Belgium; Koen Van Gorp, Center for Language Teaching Advancement, United States; Kris Van den Branden, Centre for Language and Education, Belgium; Mieke Van Houtte, Department of Sociology, Belgium

    Nowadays, pupils bring a variety of languages to school. This study focuses on how school teams perceive the linguistic composition of pupil populations and how this influences their teaching... More

    pp. 93-104

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  9. What hinders teachers from translating their beliefs into teaching behaviors: The case of teaching generic skills in Vietnamese universities

    Tran Le Huu Nghia

    This article re-visits the relationship between teacher beliefs and teaching behaviours and analyses factors influencing the translation of teacher beliefs into teaching behaviours using the case... More

    pp. 105-114

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  10. Classroom management and mastery-oriented instruction as mediators of the effects of teacher motivation on student motivation

    Ulrich Schiefele

    This study addressed the role of elementary school teachers' classroom management and mastery-oriented instructional practices as mediators of the effects of teacher motivation on student... More

    pp. 115-126

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  11. The role of the Support and Attention to Diversity Teacher (SADT) from a community-based perspective: Promoting educational success and educational inclusion for all

    Gabriela Gómez-Zepeda, Cristina Petreñas, Dorys Sabando & Ignasi Puigdellívol

    This article addresses the transformation of the role of the Support and Attention to Diversity Teacher (SADT), traditionally called special education faculty. The results are from a qualitative... More

    pp. 127-138

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  12. Inclusivity through exclusivity: An evaluation of the provision of a special education needs (SEN) placement within second level art & design teacher education in the Republic of Ireland

    Mary Isobelle Mullaney

    It is a feature of Irish second-level teaching that teachers will encounter pupils with special educational needs (SENs). To prepare them, the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) has... More

    pp. 139-149

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  13. Profiles of teaching practices and reading skills at the first and third grade in Finland and Estonia

    Xin Tang, Department of Psychology, Finland; Eve Kikas, School of Natural Sciences and Health, Estonia; Eija Pakarinen & Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen, Department of Teacher Education, Finland; Joona Muotka & Jari-Erik Nurmi, Department of Psychology, Finland

    The Early Childhood Classroom Observation Measure was used to observe 91 first-grade and 70 third-grade teachers in Estonia and Finland. Using a person-oriented approach, four profiles of teaching ... More

    pp. 150-161

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  14. An examination of the professional development needs of out-of-field mathematics teachers

    Máire Ní Ríordáin, School of Education, Ireland; Catherine Paolucci, Department of Teaching and Learning and Department of Mathematics, United States; Laura M. O' Dwyer, Lynch School of Education, United States

    This paper presents an empirical study examining the professional development needs of out-of-field mathematics teachers in the Irish context (n = 202). An online questionnaire gathered data on... More

    pp. 162-174

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  15. Classical Chinese reading instruction: Current practices and their relationship with students' strategy use and reading motivation

    Lau Kit-ling

    The study examined current practices in Classical Chinese (CC) reading instruction in Hong Kong and the relationship between different instructional practices and students' strategy use and... More

    pp. 175-186

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  16. Changes in educators' data literacy during a data-based decision making intervention

    Marieke van Geel & Trynke Keuning, Department of Research Methodology; Adrie Visscher, Department ELAN; Jean-Paul Fox, Department of Research Methodology

    Data literacy is assumed to be a precondition for the effective implementation of data-based decision making in schools. This study was aimed at investigating changes in 1182 educators' data... More

    pp. 187-198

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  17. Adaptive and maladaptive work-related motivation among teachers: A person-centered examination and links with well-being

    Rebecca J. Collie & Andrew J. Martin

    The primary aim of this study was to identify profiles of motivation among teachers. Using latent profile analysis among n = 519 Australian teachers, we considered multidimensional motivation by... More

    pp. 199-210

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  18. Building bridges from pre-service experiences to elementary classroom literacy teaching: Challenges and opportunities

    Francesca Pomerantz & Cami Condie

    This study investigated a) the influences on pre-service and early career teachers' literacy instructional decision-making, and b) how and in what ways transfer from literacy methods courses was... More

    pp. 211-221

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  19. Japanese in-service teachers’ attitudes toward inclusive education and self-efficacy for inclusive practices

    Akie Yada & Hannu Savolainen

    Using a sample of 359 in-service teachers, this study examines Japanese teachers' attitudes toward inclusive education and their self-efficacy for inclusive practices. The results indicate that... More

    pp. 222-229

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  20. Teachers and pre-service teachers as partners in collaborative teacher research: A systematic literature review

    Vicky Willegems & Els Consuegra, Department of Teacher Education, Belgium; Katrien Struyven, Department of Educational Sciences, Belgium; Nadine Engels, Department of Teacher Education, Belgium

    A systematic literature review (N = 14) was performed with a focus on the influence of collaborative teacher research on the professional development of pre-service teachers (PTs). A thematic... More

    pp. 230-245

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