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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

February 2017 Volume 62, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Using critical incidents and E-Portfolios to understand the emergent practice of Japanese student-teachers of English

    J.M. Hall & S.D.C. Townsend

    This paper argues that resolving cognitive or emotional conflicts experienced in practice can promote student-teacher development and bridge the theory-practice divide. Critical incident (CI)... More

    pp. 1-9

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  2. Teacher confidence and professional capital

    Andrea Nolan & Tebeje Molla

    This paper illustrates the role of professional learning in building teacher confidence, and explicates how confidence relates to professional capital. It reports on data from the Victorian State... More

    pp. 10-18

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  3. Research capacity and initial teacher education reform: Irish experiences, international perspectives

    Jim Gleeson, Faculty of Education and Arts, Australia; Ciaran Sugrue, School of Education, Ireland; Joanne O'Flaherty, Department of Education and Professional Studies, Ireland

    As globalisation intensifies and economies struggle to address ‘austerity’, educational reform continues unabated. In the case of initial teacher education (ITE) the pendulum swings between... More

    pp. 19-29

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  4. Overcoming the odds: Exploring barriers and motivations for male trainee primary teachers

    Katie Pollitt & Jeremy Oldfield

    The study investigated male primary school trainee teachers’ barriers and motivations for their profession. Six male trainee primary school teachers were interviewed and data were analysed... More

    pp. 30-36

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  5. Teachers' perceived professional space and their agency

    Helma W. Oolbekkink-Marchand, Radboud Teachers' Academy; Linor L. Hadar, Beit-Berl College, Israel; Kari Smith, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway; Ingrid Helleve & Marit Ulvik, University of Bergen, Norway

    In order to increase student performance, governments stress the importance of standardization for teaching which is seen as a threat to teachers' professionalism. In this small-scale study we... More

    pp. 37-46

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  6. Teachers crossing borders: A review of the research into cultural immersion field experience for teachers

    Elizabeth Smolcic & John Katunich

    As schools become increasingly culturally and linguistically diverse, there is an acute need for teachers who possess the skills and understandings to work across cultures, a capacity called... More

    pp. 47-59

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  7. Mathematics teachers' motivations for, conceptions of, and experiences with flipped instruction

    Zandra de Araujo, Samuel Otten & Salih Birisci

    Flipped instruction in school mathematics has been occurring more frequently. This study investigated two teachers' motivations for, conceptions of, and experiences with flipped mathematics... More

    pp. 60-70

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