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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

August 2016 Volume 58, Number 1

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Number of articles: 17

  1. Small stories in online classroom discussion as resources for preservice teachers’ making sense of becoming a bilingual educator

    Eunjeong Choi, Rachel E. Gaines, Jeong-bin H. Park, Kyle M. Williams & Diane L. Schallert, University of Texas at Austin, United States; Li-Tang Yu, Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taiwan; Jeonghyun Lee, University of Texas at Austin, United States

    This paper examines the occurrence and role of personal and professional stories, called small stories or narratives-in-interaction, shared among seven bilingual preservice teachers in nine online ... More

    pp. 1-16

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  2. If you build it, will they reflect? Examining teachers' use of an online video-based learning website

    Meg Schleppenbach Bates, Lena Phalen & Cheryl G. Moran

    Many teachers use online professional development websites, but little is known about what teachers actually learn from them. This study explored teacher use of an online video-based learning... More

    pp. 17-27

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  3. Teachers treat aggressive children: An outcome study

    Zipora Shechtman & Rony Tutian

    School aggression has become a major challenge to educators. Under the assumption that teacher empathy is related to student aggression, we offer a group training program, employing bibliotherapy, ... More

    pp. 28-34

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  4. ‘More like the kids than the other teachers’: One working-class pre-service Teacher’s experiences in a middle-class profession

    Jo Lampert, Bruce Burnett & Stevie Lebhers

    While teaching is largely a White, middle-class profession, some teachers, including White teachers, come from low socio-economic backgrounds. This paper examines how one working-class pre-service ... More

    pp. 35-42

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  5. Building teacher and school capacity to teach to ambitious standards in high-poverty schools

    Elizabeth Leisy Stosich

    The present study examines the experience of two high-poverty schools that participated in a district professional development (PD) initiative designed to support teachers in meeting the goals of... More

    pp. 43-53

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  6. The affordances of teacher professional learning communities: A case study of a Chinese secondary school

    Xiao Cheng & Li-ying Wu, English Department, China

    This study investigates the learning experiences and the trajectories of EFL teachers' professional development in Chinese secondary schools under a socio-cultural framework. The findings indicate ... More

    pp. 54-67

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  7. A framework for facilitating video-mediated reflection: Supporting preservice teachers as they create ‘warranted assertabilities’ about literacy teaching and learning

    Andrea Gelfuso

    Reflection is a widely used pedagogy in teacher education. Although there is consensus that reflection is important for preservice teacher learning, the large corpus of empirical literature on... More

    pp. 68-79

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  8. Evidence for no-one: Standards, accreditation, and transformed teaching work

    Debra Talbot

    The relationship between professional teaching standards and the evidence that they have been met and/or maintained is an issue of ongoing interest internationally. This study employed a dialogic... More

    pp. 80-89

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  9. Positioning in identifying narratives of/about pre-service mathematics teachers in field practice

    Reidar Mosvold & Raymond Bjuland

    Research on identity development in mathematics teacher education has only given limited attention to narrative processes like indexicality, local occasioning, positioning and categorisation. In... More

    pp. 90-98

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  10. Past perceptions and future expectations: Sensed dis/continuity at the start of teacher education

    M. van Rijswijk & Sanne F. Akkerman, Utrecht University; Harmen Schaap, Radboud University Nijmegen; Jan van Tartwijk, Utrecht University

    Because of pressing issues such as teacher attrition, we explored differences in student teachers’ expectations and perceptions as they entered teacher education. Thirty-five narrated self-concepts... More

    pp. 99-108

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  11. Conceptualising a pedagogical cultural identity through the narrative construction of early career Aboriginal teachers' professional identities

    Cathie Burgess

    This paper explores the concept ‘pedagogical cultural identity’ as one that embeds cultural knowledge and lived experience into pedagogical practice. Four narratives were constructed from fifteen... More

    pp. 109-118

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  12. Cut to the core practices: Toward visceral disruptions of binaries in PRACTICE-based teacher education

    Elizabeth Dutro & Ashley Cartun

    Situated in the field’s burgeoning attention to identifying and specifying “core practices” of teaching and drawing on data from a study of a writing methods course in a US teacher preparation... More

    pp. 119-128

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  13. Extending experiential learning in teacher professional development

    Carina Girvan, Claire Conneely & Brendan Tangney, Centre for Research in IT in Education, Ireland

    This paper introduces the use of experiential learning during the early stages of teacher professional development. Teachers observe student outcomes from the very beginning of the process and... More

    pp. 129-139

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  14. Teacher leadership development and principal facilitation: Novice teachers’ perspectives

    Annie Y.N. Cheng & Elson Szeto

    This article explores novice teachers’ perspectives on their teacher leadership roles and their principal’s facilitation of their leadership development. A cohort of 20 novice teachers teaching in ... More

    pp. 140-148

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  15. Teacher assessment literacy in practice: A reconceptualization

    Yueting Xu, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China; Gavin T.L. Brown, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

    This paper aims to reconceptualize teacher assessment literacy (AL) by connecting two fields of research: educational assessment and teacher education. It begins with a scoping review of AL studies... More

    pp. 149-162

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  16. Can professional development of teachers reduce disparity in student achievement?

    Kane Meissel, Judy M. Parr & Helen S. Timperley

    This paper describes a national, school-based professional development intervention in which large student achievement gains were previously signaled using single-level regression analyses and... More

    pp. 163-173

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  17. The influence of preschool teachers’ content knowledge and mathematical ability beliefs on their sensitivity to mathematics in children’s play

    Elisa Oppermann, Yvonne Anders & Axinja Hachfeld

    In countries with a social pedagogic tradition for early childhood education, mathematical learning typically takes place in play-based situations. Preschool teachers’ ability to recognize... More

    pp. 174-184

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