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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

July 2016 Volume 57, Number 1

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Number of articles: 16

  1. A literature review on how need-supportive behavior influences motivation in students with sensory loss

    Ineke Haakma, Marleen Janssen & Alexander Minnaert, Department of Special Needs Education and Youth Care

    This review examines the literature on the effects of need-supportive teaching on motivation, engagement, and educational outcomes of students with visual or hearing impairments or deafblindness.... More

    pp. 1-13

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  2. Teacher professional development as a means of transforming student classroom talk

    Klara Sedova, Martin Sedlacek & Roman Svaricek

    This study deals with the impact of a teacher development programme focused on the implementation of dialogic teaching practice. Four indicators of dialogic teaching were measured: student talk... More

    pp. 14-25

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  3. Relating school leadership to perceived professional learning community characteristics: A multilevel analysis

    Bénédicte Vanblaere & Geert Devos

    This study examines the role of transformational and instructional school leadership in facilitating interpersonal professional learning community (PLC) characteristics (collective responsibility, ... More

    pp. 26-38

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  4. The quality of classroom experiences in Chinese kindergarten classrooms across settings and learning activities: Implications for teacher preparation

    Bi Ying Hu, University of Macau, China; Lisa Dieker, University of Central Florida, United States; Yi Yang, University of Macau, China; Ning Yang, South China Normal University, China

    Based on the observation of 180 early childhood classrooms using the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS), the researchers found Chinese teachers scored lower on instruction support quality ... More

    pp. 39-50

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  5. Stressors and coping strategies through the lens of Early Childhood/Special Education pre-service teachers

    Kelli R. Paquette & Sue A. Rieg

    This mixed-methods study was designed to identify stressors, describe coping strategies, and pinpoint ways in which university supervisors can assist Early Childhood/Special Education (ECSP) pre... More

    pp. 51-58

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  6. Beyond the official language of learning: Teachers engaging with student voice research

    Roseanna Bourke & Judith Loveridge

    In student voice research an enduring issue has been how teachers and policy makers act on the views of young people, and how potentially problematic issues that children raise are resolved. This... More

    pp. 59-66

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  7. Initial teacher education: What does it take to put equity at the center?

    Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Lynch School of Education, United States; Fiona Ell, Lexie Grudnoff, Mavis Haigh & Mary Hill, Faculty of Education and Social Work, New Zealand; Larry Ludlow, Lynch School of Education, United States

    This article addresses the question: What would it take to put equity front and center in initial teacher education? Drawing on research and innovative programming, the authors argue there are four... More

    pp. 67-78

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  8. The examination of a teacher candidate assessment rubric: A confirmatory factor analysis

    Camille L. Bryant, United States of America, United States; Saoussan Maarouf, Jan Burcham & Deirdre Greer, Columbus State University, United States

    This article examines the review and revision process of the Model of Appropriate Practice (MAP), a locally developed pre-service teacher candidate assessment rubric based on Danielson's Framework ... More

    pp. 79-96

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  9. Edcamp unconferences: Educators' perspectives on an untraditional professional learning experience

    Jeffrey Paul Carpenter, Elon University, United States; Jayme Nixon Linton, Lenoir Rhyne University, United States

    Edcamps are a free, voluntary, and participant-driven form of unconference professional development. This article reports on survey data gathered from 769 Edcamp participants. Beforehand, these... More

    pp. 97-108

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  10. The chair's dispositions as virtues

    Wayne Melville, Lakehead University, Canada; Molly Weinburgh, Texas Christian University, United States; Anthony Bartley, Lakehead University, Canada; Doug Jones, Andrea Lampo, Jane Lower & Nick Sacevich, Lakehead District School Board, Canada

    This article investigates the importance of the leadership virtues of the hope, trust, piety and civility in the work of two chairs undertaking reforms in their departments within the same school. ... More

    pp. 109-117

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  11. Targets of peer mistreatment: Do they tell adults? What happens when they do?

    Sheri Bauman & Diana J. Meter, University of Arizona, United States; Charisse Nixon, Pennsylvania State University Erie, United States; Stan Davis, Stop Bullying Now, United States

    Using data from 3305 students mistreated by peers two to three times per month or more often, we examined predictors of targets' telling adults at home and school about what happened. Grade, being ... More

    pp. 118-124

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  12. Reconsidering the contribution of teacher knowledge to student learning: Linear or curvilinear effects?

    Sofia A. Agathangelou, Charalambos Y. Charalambous & Mary Koutselini

    Given mixed findings on the association between teacher knowledge and student learning, in this study, we revert to Shulman's framework to reconsider this association by exploring both linear and... More

    pp. 125-138

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  13. A study of the quality of interaction among participants in online animation-based conversations about mathematics teaching

    Vu Minh Chieu & Patricio Herbst

    We investigate the quality of user interaction in forums that used animated classroom stories to support mathematics teachers' conversations. An analysis of pairs of posts connected by a parent... More

    pp. 139-149

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  14. Induction and mentoring in early childhood educational organizations: Embracing the complexity of teacher learning in contexts

    Frances J. Langdon, Patricia A. Alexander, Sandy Farquhar, Marek Tesar, Matthew G.R. Courtney & Melanie Palmer, School of Learning Development and Professional Practice, New Zealand

    This mixed-method study looked at perceptions of induction and mentoring among New Zealand early childhood educators. Specifically, 213 respondents drawn from five regions representing urban, rural... More

    pp. 150-160

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  15. Using lesson study to support knowledge development in initial teacher education: Insights from early number classrooms

    Aisling M. Leavy & Mairéad Hourigan

    This paper describes Lesson Study research with 25 pre-service primary teachers. We focus on pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) development as participants design, teach and reflect upon early... More

    pp. 161-175

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  16. Teachers as leaders: Pre-service teachers' aspirations and motivations

    Todd D. Reeves, Northern Illinois University, United States; Rebecca J. Lowenhaupt, Boston College, United States

    Teacher attrition is among the most salient problems facing education systems worldwide. Recent research has attempted to understand this phenomenon in light of teacher generational characteristics... More

    pp. 176-187

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