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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

January 2016 Volume 53, Number 1

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Number of articles: 8

  1. The discursive positioning of graduating teachers in accreditation of teacher education programs

    Terri Bourke, Mary Ryan & Margaret Lloyd

    This paper uses discourse analysis techniques associated with Foucauldian archaeology to examine a teacher education accreditation document from Australia to reveal how graduating teachers are... More

    pp. 1-9

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  2. Tensions in equity- and reform-oriented learning in teachers' collaborative conversations

    Nicole L. Louie

    This paper explores how teachers' collaborative conversations afford and constrain their learning opportunities, through the close analysis of an interaction between equity-oriented mathematics... More

    pp. 10-19

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  3. How memories of school inform preservice teachers' feared and desired selves as teachers

    Kyle Miller & Rena Shifflet

    Elementary preservice teachers (N = 69) were asked to write about their memories of elementary school and reflect on the meaning of those memories in combination with course material. Based on the ... More

    pp. 20-29

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  4. Social dynamics in the classroom: Teacher support and conflict and the peer ecology

    Marloes M.H.G. Hendrickx & M.Tim Mainhard, Utrecht University; Henrike J. Boor-Klip & Antonius H.M. Cillessen, Radboud University Nijmegen; Mieke Brekelmans, Utrecht University

    By showing support and conflict, teachers may function as a model for students regarding how to interact and how to evaluate each other, thereby shaping the classroom peer ecology. Associations of ... More

    pp. 30-40

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  5. Differences in classroom removals and use of praise and rewards in American, Chinese, and Japanese schools

    George G. Bear, Dandan Chen & Lindsey S. Mantz, School of Education, United States; Chunyan Yang, Poudre School District, United States; Xishan Huang, School of Psychology, China; Kunio Shiomi, Yamato University, Japan

    Students' perceptions of teacher–student relationships, frequency of conduct problems, and their teachers' use of classroom removals, school suspensions, praise and rewards were examined in this... More

    pp. 41-50

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  6. What are our students doing? Workload, time allocation and time management in PBL instruction. A case study in Science Education

    José-Reyes Ruiz-Gallardo, Science Education (Department of Pedagogy), Spain; José L. González-Geraldo, Theory and History of Education (Department of Pedagogy), Spain; Santiago Castaño, Department of Geological Engineering, Spain

    What are our students doing: studying, working with classmates, looking for information at the library or Internet? During 2 years, 131 preservice teachers were monitored using a survey, obtaining ... More

    pp. 51-62

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  7. “When I hear literacy”: Using pre-service teachers' perceptions of mathematical literacy to inform program changes in teacher education

    Jamie Colwell & Mary C. Enderson, Old Dominion University, United States

    This case study investigated pre-service teachers' (PSTs) perceptions of disciplinary, or mathematical, literacy and factors related to their teacher education program at a public research... More

    pp. 63-74

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  8. Different location or different map? Investigating charter school teachers' professional identities

    Jennie M. Weiner, University of Connecticut, United States; A. Chris Torres, Montclair State University, United States

    This paper explores how novice charter school teachers' professional identities were shaped by their histories, views of teachers and teaching, preparation, and teaching experiences. Participants... More

    pp. 75-86

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