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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

January 2013 Volume 29, Number 1

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Number of articles: 19

  1. A Dynamic Integrated Approach to teacher professional development: Impact and sustainability of the effects on improving teacher behaviour and student outcomes

    Panayiotis Antoniou & Leonidas Kyriakides

    This paper reports the results of an experimental study investigating the impact and the one-year sustainability of the effects of the Dynamic Integrated Approach (DIA) to teacher professional... More

    pp. 1-12

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  2. Sense-making and structure in teachers’ reception of educational reform. A case study on statistics in the mathematics curriculum

    Virginie März & Geert Kelchtermans

    Implementing educational innovations is far more complex than the straightforward execution of policy prescriptions. The diversity in implementation variants reflects an inherent tension between... More

    pp. 13-24

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  3. Coming to know in the ‘eye of the storm’: A beginning teacher's introduction to different versions of teacher community

    Cheryl J. Craig

    Through the metaphor, “learning to teach in the ‘eye of the storm’”, a beginning teacher's experiences of teaching in one of America's diverse urban campuses become known. Three themes of global... More

    pp. 25-38

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  4. Teaching in ECE: Promoting children's language learning and cooperation on knowledge construction in everyday conversations in kindergarten

    Liv Gjems

    The intention of this study is to examine how early childhood education (ECE) teachers can promote children's language learning and the construction of knowledge about their environment in everyday... More

    pp. 39-45

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  5. Teacher attitudes and behavior toward the inclusion of children with social, emotional and behavioral difficulties in mainstream schools: An application of the theory of planned behavior

    Kate MacFarlane & Lisa Marks Woolfson

    The Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) was used to examine relationships between teacher attitudes and behavior toward children with social, emotional and behavioral difficulties (SEBD). One hundred ... More

    pp. 46-52

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  6. Teachers' classroom assessment practices and fourth-graders' reading literacy achievements: An international study

    Shiqi Hao & Robert L. Johnson

    This study, through multilevel analyses of the data of four English-speaking nations (i.e., Canada, England, New Zealand and the United States) from the Progress in International Reading Literacy... More

    pp. 53-63

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  7. Development and evaluation of a training on need-supportive teaching in physical education: Qualitative and quantitative findings

    N. Aelterman, M. Vansteenkiste, H. Van Keer, J. De Meyer, L. Van den Berghe & L. Haerens

    This study investigated 35 physical education teachers' appreciation of a continuous professional development (CPD) training on need-supportive teaching, embedded in Self-Determination Theory,... More

    pp. 64-75

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  8. Teacher beliefs and technology integration

    ChanMin Kim, Min Kyu Kim, Chiajung Lee, J. Michael Spector & Karen DeMeester

    The purpose of this exploratory mixed methods study was to investigate how teacher beliefs were related to technology integration practices. We were interested in how and to what extent teachers' (... More

    pp. 76-85

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  9. Language teachers: Research and studies in language(s) education, teaching, and learning in Teaching and Teacher Education, 1985–2012

    Robert C. Kleinsasser

    The article reviews twelve of 79 articles focusing on language teachers, language(s) teacher education, teaching, and learning published in Teaching and Teacher Education since 1985. The twelve... More

    pp. 86-96

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  10. Teachers' spatial literacy as visualization, reasoning, and communication

    Deborah Moore-Russo, Janine M. Viglietti, Ming Ming Chiu & Susan M. Bateman

    This paper conceptualizes spatial literacy as consisting of three overlapping domains: visualization, reasoning, and communication. By considering these domains, this study explores different... More

    pp. 97-109

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  11. Educational design as conversation: A conversation analytical perspective on teacher dialogue

    Jacqueline F. van Kruiningen

    The aim of this methodological paper is to expound on and demonstrate the value of conversation-analytical research in the area of (informal) teacher learning. The author discusses some... More

    pp. 110-121

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  12. The effects of online professional development on higher education teachers' beliefs and intentions towards learning facilitation and technology

    Bart Rienties, Natasa Brouwer & Simon Lygo-Baker

    An important development in higher education is the increased learning possibilities brought by ICT. Many academics seem reluctant to embrace technology. An online teacher training program was... More

    pp. 122-131

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  13. The relationship between school collective reflective practice and teacher physiological efficacy sources

    Sheryl Y. Kennedy & Julia B. Smith

    This study used Hierarchical Linear Modeling to analyze the relationship between school organizational behaviors and practices (at the school level) on teachers' reports of internal and external... More

    pp. 132-143

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  14. Fostering lifelong learning – Evaluation of a teacher education program for professional teachers

    Monika Finsterwald, Petra Wagner, Barbara Schober, Marko Lüftenegger & Christiane Spiel

    Modern economics has placed lifelong learning (LLL) at the center of an intensive ongoing political debate. Evidenced-based interventions are needed, not only in continuing education courses for... More

    pp. 144-155

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  15. Student work products as a teaching tool for nature of science pedagogical knowledge: A professional development project with in-service secondary science teachers

    Erin Peters Burton

    The purpose was to examine NOS knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge about NOS of in-service secondary science teachers. Data sources included Views of Science and Education scale, lesson... More

    pp. 156-166

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  16. Modeling as moral education: Documenting, analyzing, and addressing a central belief of preservice teachers

    Matthew N. Sanger & Richard D. Osguthorpe

    This study reports belief survey data from 92 preservice teachers responding to questions about the moral work of teaching. Those data reveal that participants commonly express the belief that... More

    pp. 167-176

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  17. Pupil aggressiveness and perceptual orientation towards weakness in a teacher who is new to the class

    Grete S. Vaaland & Erling Roland

    In this study we investigated the relations between reactive and proactive aggressiveness in pupils and a perceptual orientation described as interest in signs of weakness in a teacher who is new... More

    pp. 177-187

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  18. Knowledge construction among teachers within a community based on inquiry as stance

    Kyunghee So

    This study explores the process of teachers' knowledge construction within a community designed based on the concept of inquiry as stance. Through close examination of three teachers' activities,... More

    pp. 188-196

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  19. Facilitating professional development for teachers of English language learners

    Daniella Molle

    The study explores the process of facilitation in professional development for educators. The study relies on discourse analysis of interaction among K-12 teachers and administrators in a... More

    pp. 197-207

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